Wednesday, 29 May 2013

HBIC Playoff Pool Round Two Results

That was a pretty exciting second round in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, no? Two Game Seven games in the Western Conference followed the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins establishing themselves as the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and now we get to the final four teams. Of course, a number of you were expecting updates on Tuesday, but I figured I'd let it slide for a day since Round Two ended tonight. I hope this didn't ruin anybody's day or anything, but a few people did very well in this set of series. Let's take a peek.

There were two people who broke the thirty-point mark in this round, and I was quite impressed with their prognosticating skills. Congratulations go out to Terry M. who scored 35 points in this round, and to Dan F. who tacked 31 points onto his score. Well done, gentlemen, on your excellent predictions!


The two highest scorers in this series were the only two entrants who called Chicago in seven games. Congratulations go out to Joe M. and Ryan H. for correctly predicting a Chicago win in seven games, earning you both five points! Joe correctly predicted the winner in Games One, Three, Four, Five, and Seven for an added five points, while Ryan correctly predicted the winner in Games One, Two, Three, Five, and Seven! Well done, gents, on your predictions!


This is the series that gave Terry M. his massive jump up the standings. Terry picked up an incredible 16 points in this series as he correctly called the winner in all seven games for seven points. He added the game-winning goals in Game One (Voynov) and Game Five (Kopitar) for another four points. And to top it off, he called the Los Angeles Kings to advance in seven games for another five points. In this series alone, Terry outscored everyone's second-round total except for five people! WOW! Incredible work, Terry, and keep it going in the next round!


One person came away with a solid 12 points in the series, and that person was Jay F. Jay correctly called the winner in all five games, added Evgeni Malkin's game-winning goal in Game One, and called Pittsburgh's series win in five games. That's five plus two plus five points for a total of 12 more onto his score! Well done, Jay, in calling this series!


If there was one series that threw everyone for a loop, it was this series. The Bruins won in five games, and no one called that. However, Tyler J. came away with the top score in this series with six points! Tyler correctly predicted the winner in Games One, Two, Four, and Five, but also correctly called Gregory Campbell's game-winning goal in Game Five for a total of six points! Well done on winning this series, Tyler!

As it stands, the HBIC Playoff Pool Top Five are:
  1. Andy S. - 82 points.
  2. George C. - 73 points.
  3. John M. - 70 points.
  4. Jay F. - 69 points.
  5. Thomas O./Ty F./Westin F. - 67 points.
As stated earlier this week, there are some great prizes available, and I'll post the list of free gear on Friday for everyone. The jersey I was able to get is for a team that has already been eliminated from the playoffs, but I feel it might be off the table pretty quick based on which team it is. Needless to say, any secondary prizes are going to be good too!

While we're at it, you have until Saturday's puck drop in the first game to get your HBIC Playoff Pool Round Three picks in. Same rules as last time, so you should be used to this by now. Send all spreadsheets to HBICPLAYOFFPOOL-at-gmail-dot-com! If there's any advice I can offer to those further down the list, it's this: follow Terry's lead! Try to predict the series, and then pick up all the extra points. You're not out yet, so predict wisely!

If you missed the above link, click here for the Round Three spreadsheet.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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