Monday, 16 September 2013

A Musical Interlude

We interrupt this blog's proceedings with a musical interlude as HBIC's ongoing project featuring musicians in hockey jerseys continues. Ok, so it's not an actual musical interlude. It's more just pictures of musicians in hockey jerseys, but it has a musical theme, right? Do I still get points for that? If you've skipped a beat over the last few months, you'd best find the dance steps as HBIC has been compiling a collection of musicians in hockey jerseys. HBIC is always on the lookout for musicians in jerseys, so don't fret! Send them this way if you spot an image that HBIC doesn't have! Do you think I used enough musical terms in this paragraph yet? On with the show!

Let's start with a hip-hop group I know nothing about in the The Cool Kids. Pictured is Antoine "Sir Michael Rocks" Reed wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey next to partner Evan "Chuck Inglish" Ingersoll in the Detroit Pistons jacket. The Cool Kids are also members of the hip-hop collective All City Chess Club founded in 2010, as per their Wikipedia page. Other than that, I know little else about these Cool Kids.

While KISS may have just bought themselves an arena football team, they were in an advertisement with another arena-based team as they held a replica jersey of the Edmonton Oilers. Gene Simmons is also on the Musicians in Jerseys page after sporting a Saskatoon Blades jersey!

The Backstreet Boys return in yet another group photo while wearing different uniforms. Nick Carter is in the Tampa Bay Lightning sweater, Brian Littrell appears to be wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey, AJ MacLean is wearing the Mighty Ducks colours, Howie Dorough is in the Los Angeles silver-and-black, and Kevin Richardson appears to be sporting the teal colour of the San Jose Sharks.

Speaking of the silver-and-black Los Angeles Kings, here's hip-hop recording star Kendrick Lamar in a Kings jersey.

Cappadonna of the Wu-Tang Clan wears the Montreal Canadiens colours in another photo from a music video.

Do we give Will Smith a pass if the team presents him with a black fashion jersey? Does this say anything about the Canadiens in terms of them presenting a black recording artist a black fashion jersey? Am I simply creating controversy when there is none? The last answer is probably "yes".

Hip-hop artist ASAP Rocky sports a Chicago Blackhawks uniform to an event. I have to say that there is nothing like going out on the town in a hoodie and hockey jersey when you want to make a statement.

Hip-hop star Ghostface Killa makes a statement in his Canadian National Team alternate uniform. Yeah, I'm still not a fan of black Canadian uniforms.

Hip-hop star Li'l Wayne sports a Vancouver uniform while on-stage, and fellow rap artist Akon matches his look in his own concert.

Rap star Xhibit comes out strong with a Toronto Maple Leafs alternate uniform!

Speaking of Toronto, check out this old photo of Roger Daltrey in concert with The Who while sporting a Maple Leafs uniform! Nice!

Craig Mack, who we previously saw in a Tampa Bay uniform, puts himself on his own album cover wearing a Charlestown Chiefs uniform from Slap Shot!

I'm not sure that this counts, but I included it anyway most because she's worn nearly one-half of the league's colours thus far. Check out the grin on Jeff Skinner as he presents a new Carolina Hurricanes uniform - with his name and autograph on it, no less - to Miss Taylor Swift!

Former hip-hop star LL Cool J sports what appears to be a Jagr-branded Pittsburgh Penguins jersey on TV. He's joined by Kriss Kross who wore matching Robo-Penguin jerseys. And to show that the Penguins have worldwide appeal, here's a member of Korean rap group DJ DOC sporting the Robo-Penguin uniform as well.

Hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest saw member Phife Dawg sport the New Jersey Devils' uniform in a video. Joining him in his admiration for the Devils are Robert Smith of The Cure and hip-hop star Nas.

There are some additional musicians in jersey. I'm sure there are plenty more out there, so if you want to help out, fire me an email with the image. I'm building quite a database of musicians in or with various uniforms, so let's keep this going!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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