Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Hockey Show - Episode Fifty-Three

The Hockey Show returns tonight to mark a very special occasion. Beans will be back in the studio with me as he's returned from far-off lands, and we'll be handing out free gear and, if you're near the studio, cake to celebrate The Hockey Show's ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I know that some people never thought we'd make it this far in our radio adventure, but we're happy that we have and we want to thank you, listeners, for helping to make The Hockey Show a success!

Unfortunately, we won't be having Liev Schreiber on the show tonight. Bit I do want to tank a vast number of people who helped us gain new insights on the game of hockey thanks to their appearances on the show. Without the contributions from these people, The Hockey Show wouldn't be where it is today. We're grateful for these people appearing on the program, and they have an open invite for any time! These people include:
  • Former Bisons goalie and current Bisons goalie coach Steve Christie.
  • ESPN's Paul Lukas.
  • Hamilton Bulldog and Shnarped founder Kyle Hagel.
  • Movember guru Jamie Hopkins.
  • Author Tal Pinchevsky.
  • MJHL official Jeremie Gauvin.
  • Former Kingston Frontenacs' social media coordinator Missy Deyo.
  • Blogger Jeff Barak.
  • Former Canadian team goalie Sami Jo Small.
  • Maple Leafs fan Stu Eckert.
  • Hockey USA's Jacob Mars.
  • Executive Director of the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation Dwayne Green.
  • Former NHLer and current Örebro forward Jared Aulin.
  • Former NHLer and current CSKA Moscow forward Brandon Reid.
  • Journalist Jessica Scott-Reid.
  • Blogger James Gralian.
  • The incredibly awesome team of Lynda and Bob MacPherson.
  • Bisons defenceman Dane Crowley.
  • Bisons defenceman Jeremy Schappert.
  • Host of Covering the Spread radio show Eric MacLise.
Wow! We spoke to a lot of people over the last 52 weeks! And I do want to throw out a couple of special thank-yous to Jared Keeso and Isabelle Germain. Jared, as you're probably aware, appears on our show a lot. He's a truly awesome guest, loves chatting hockey, and is a burgeoning Hollywood star. In short, the man's a legend, and we at The Hockey Show feel truly blessed to be able to call Jared a friend.

Isabelle, as you may remember, appeared on The Hockey Show to speak about Dalhousie University's hazing incident that happened on the women's hockey team. Since that time, Isabelle and myself have kept up some good hockey chatter via Twitter, and we'll be having her back very shortly to preview her team and the Atlantic University Sport's hockey scene this season. Isabelle is a fantastic person, a knowledgeable hockey asset, and we're honoured and privileged to be able to call her a friend as well.

So what's happening tonight, you ask? We have a ton of free gear from Sauce Hockey to give away. We have Jets merchandise to give away. We have Bisons gear to give away. We have DVDs to hand out. We have a couple of hockey books to distribute. In short, we're having the birthday, but you get all the gifts! Again, we wouldn't be here without our loyal listeners, so we want to thank you by giving you some free gear!

Make sure you're listening tonight between 5:30pm CT and 6:30pm CT for your chance to win! When you hear the prompt, give us a call at (204) 269-8636 (269-UMFM)! You can tweet us any time at @TeebzHBIC. And you can always listen online from any smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet by heading over to the UMFM website! Get yourself some free gear tonight! Listen in!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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