Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Taking Recommendations

The above image is a small snippet of the online book shelf I am building on Shelfari, an Amazon website. I basically made it through the first twenty-four books I reviewed as part of Teebz's Book Club, and I came to realize that the actual bookshelf would be massive. Rather than posting a massive image, I just used this image. It seems to suffice, I think.

In any case, I have a pile of books that are awaiting my review, so you may notice a pile of book reviews coming out in the next few weeks. I don't want to list them all, but there's at least six that I can see from my current perch. I have homework to do, so I'll be doing some reading tonight. For sure.

In saying that, I want to hear your recommendations for books I should hunt down and read. I have a list already that I want to get my hands on, but I want to hear your suggestions. After all, a good book club makes good recommendations for its other members. Leave me a comment below, and I'll respond whether I have it, need it, want it, or any other response I can create. If you leave a title for me to find, please tell me WHY you liked the book other than "it's good". I want details as to what actually made it good.

The list of older books shall grow with your help. Teebz's Book Club is only good if we all work together!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Robert Ullman said...

Damn, Teebz...I have three of the books in that image sitting on my "recently read" shelf...I feel like if I'm managing to keep up with you at all then I'm doing something right!
Have you read "Hockey Night in Dixie" by Jon Stott? I bought it awhile back to research hockey in Virginia for a comic strip, but then the publication I had in mind fired me (and without telling me...NICE!). Anyway, be happy to send it along once I finish.
I read Andrew Conte's "Breakaway" last year too...good stuff!

JeffB said...

If you liked King of Russia, you must, must read "From Behind the Red Line: A North American Hockey Player in Russia".

While King was the first to coach in *Russia*, Tod Hartje is the first North American player to play in the *Soviet Union*. Absolutely fascinating and funny as the American tries to fit in with not only a foreign culture, but a foreign way of playing hockey in many ways in the final days of the Soviet Union. A+

The nice thing, is the book is old enough that it can be found used quite cheaply on Amazon.

Other recommendations are "Striking SIlver" about the 1972 US OLympic Team - go play in the Olympics or go to Vietnam. Pretty easy choice.

Heaven and Hell in the NHL - Punch Imlauch's Own Story. A true character who once drafted an imaginary Japanese player. 'Nuff said.

The Patrick's - Hockey's Royal Family. They started their own league and practically invented the game we know today. Amazing.

Thunder and Lightning by Phil Esposito. Ever wonder how hung Andre the Giant was? Phil knows all.