Friday, 31 January 2014

BOA Does Video

I had posted a little information about Roseau, Minnesota's BOA Hockey before, but I was doing a little research on stick-makers tonight when I discovered that they've been posting video to YouTube! Being that I am interested in a great company that is slowing carving a niche into the hockey market by being unique and innovative, these videos might be of interest to you as much as they were to me. Personally, I think my next stick is going to come from BOA, and watching these videos has convinced me that they have a solid grasp on the hockey stick manufacturing business.

I have not been paid nor contacted by BOA Hockey to post anything on their behalf, so don't think that this is some sort of advertisement on their behalf. I actually believe in what they are doing, and the prices they charge for their sticks are quite reasonable. The fact that they bought the old Christian stick factory is another reason as I liked the old Christian sticks as I was growing up.

In any case, let's take a look at these videos of BOA Hockey's processes. We'll start with the introductory marketing video, and then break into a few other videos that they have posted. None of the videos run longer than five minutes, so give BOA Hockey a few minutes of your time. You might actually be surprised as what they can do for you as a hockey player.

Here's a tour of the BOA Hockey plant in Roseau, Minnesota!

This video shows how fibreglass is applied to a wooden stick.

The next video shows how resin is applied to a fibreglass stick.

So there's an inside look at BOA Hockey's operations and facility. I'm actually pretty psyched about how they got in at the ground floor and are slowly building a nice little market for themselves. If I can swing it this summer, I think I may take a little roadtrip down to Roseau, Minnesota and see the guys and gals at BOA Hockey to get a first-hand view of their operations.

If you want to learn more, hit up BOA Hockey's website and check out their products. Their prices are reasonable, and they can reproduce any blade lie that you prefer. Sounds like a pretty decent little company right?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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