Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wanna Be Part Of Something Big?

If it hasn't been mentioned enough on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, I'll mention it here. This Saturday's broadcast will be from the city of Lloydminster, sitting on the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta, as CBC presents Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada, and the vast majority of the CBC crew either is there now, will be arriving today, or will be getting there before Saturday for the broadcast. The problem is that Canada is a massive country, making traveling from places like Halifax, Moncton, Quebec City, and Ottawa to Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada more than just an afternoon outing. Thankfully, the good people at Scotiabank have reached out to me in an effort to get more people involved in Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada than ever before. And you could win some free gear while participating!

Starting today and running through January 18, Scotia Hockey Club's social accounts will be extremely active as they build towards Saturday. There will be a ton of activity on their Facebook account. There will be a ton of tweets coming out from their Twitter account. Their Instagram account will be flooded with photos and stories. In other words, Scotia Hockey Club will be busy over the next few days.

How can you be involved? Well, Scotia Hockey Club is "asking our community to share feel-good hockey community stories with the hashtag #scotiahockey. This could be a photo of their hockey team giving back to their community, or a story of someone they know who does good in the hockey community. Throughout the event we'll be highlighting some of these stories, and will randomly select a winner at the end who will be awarded an NHL Alumni visit to their town. Secondary prizes will be custom videos from NHL Alumni highlighting the winners' stories."

Pretty cool, right? An NHL alumni visit to your town simply for posting your story on Facebook, on Twitter, or on Instagram with the #scotiahockey hashtag! That's a pretty easy contest to enter since virtually everyone uses some sort of social media site now. So let's get this going!

If you follow me, you'll notice a ton of #scotiahockey tweets for the rest of the week as well as a number of retweets with the #scotiahockey hashtag. If I somehow win the NHL Alumni visit, I will award the visit to a follower of my Twitter account. Right now, there are a couple of hundred people following me on there, so your chances of winning this through my Twitter account is pretty good. Again, it all depends on whether I win or not, but I will give it to someone who follows me if I win. Guaranteed.

All you have to go is hit social media between January 15 and 18, use the #scotiahockey hashtag to get entered to win the NHL Alumni visit or one of the secondary prizes. If you want to double your chance at winning, follow me on Twitter and your name is in the contest if I win any of the prizes. Pretty easy, right?

The best part? You're now part of the biggest day of hockey in Canada. Sure, it would be great to in Lloydminster for the fun involved with Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada, but at least Scotia Hockey Club can bring Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada to you through social media. So get in on the fun. Tune into CBC on Saturday for the biggest hockey day this country has to offer. Enjoy the stories and pictures from players, fans, and teams across Canada through social media over the next few days.

We're all a part of Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada in every Canadian community!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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