Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Hockey Show - Episode Seventy

The Hockey Show returns tonight with a ton of stuff to talk about, so gather the kids and settle in around the old radio like days of yore. Tonight on 101.5 UMFM, Teebz and Beans welcome back Columbus from her trip home for the holidays to parts unknown in the United States, and we welcome back a regular from a trip out east for work as Friend Of The Show Jared Keeso joins us!

We'll break down the various Olympic rosters for most of the countries. We'll talk about the World Junior Championship results, getting Jared's thoughts on how Team Canada did and where we should look at improving. We'll talk to Jared about the NHL, in particular the Jets and Flames, and get his opinion on how one fixes the hot mess in Winnipeg. And we'll also get an update on what Jared's been up to because he's been a busy guy! From filming new TV shows to pitching ideas to studios, Jared has a number of fires burning, and we'll get caught up with him on all the stuff happening in his life. Perhaps we'll even have a Letterkenny Problems update for you if you're a fan of the web series!

If you're not a fan or haven't experienced Letterkenny Problems yet, you're either new to the internet or you haven't been keeping up with the kids in terms of awesome stuff. Head over to YouTube immediately, punch in "Letterkenny Problems" in the search field, and get watching. And stay away from Jared's sister, eh?

Join us at 5:30pm CT for a full hour with Jared as we talk all things hockey once more. You can hit us up on the radio dial at 101.5 UMFM, listen live on the internet, or download the podcast later on. And if you're going to be online anyway, you might as well tweet a few questions to us at @TeebzHBIC. We'll do our best to ask Jared any questions you send in! Sound good? Let's do this then!

As an aside, I've decided to link the podcast on these articles as well, making it more convenient to find. As for the archived podcasts, you still have to hit the podcast page up above. Good? Good.

PODCAST: Download here. Make sure you check out Jared's new show, 19-2, airing on Bravo at 9pm ET on Wednesday, January 29. There will be a re-broadcast of the pilot episode on CTV for Canadian viewers on Thursday, January 30 at 10pm ET!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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