Monday, 10 February 2014

More Musicians In Jerseys

I'll come right out and admit that Neil Peart's only appearance on this article is just to the left. However, Mr. Peart's version of The Hockey Theme has been featured on TSN's NHL broadcasts. The reason I am using the album cover? Hockey and music will meet once more in today's article as I have a ton of musicians to add to the Musicians in Jerseys article I posted before. As stated there, I was working towards building a comprehensive database of musicians in jerseys or holding jerseys to show that they are either true fans (yay!) or simply collecting jerseys (yawn!). Today, I am happy to say that I have a photo that completely blew my mind thanks to a reader. So let's check these out!

Let's start with the Maple Leafs who have two more musicians sporting their jerseys. First off, Keith Urban decided to don a Winter Classic jersey in a recent trip to Toronto, and the Leafs somehow got Grammy Award-winning singer Lorde into a jersey! Personally, I am very impressed with the Lorde addition to the Toronto jersey scene!

The Los Angeles Kings have three additions. First, hip hop artist Dom Kennedy went old-school with a throwback Gretzky-era Kings jersey. We'll go even further back as Glenn Frey is wearing a gold Kings jersey with #12 on it. Why #12? Frey was good friends with #12 Gene Carr of the Kings, and began wearing his jersey in concerts! And lastly, we have KISS' Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley accepting their Stadium Series jerseys from the Kings!

The Montreal Canadiens always seem to have great representation on the music scene, and today is no exception. We'll start with Taylor Swift who basically has a closet full of jerseys at this point. From there, we'll move to Selena Gomez, Swift's friend, who also got a jersey. More tweeny musical acts include One Direction who all got jerseys while in Montreal. The Piano Man, Mr. Billy Joel, got himself a jersey in Montreal. And rapper Pitbull was also given his own jersey.

Canada isn't done with Selena Gomez yet. She got her own Ottawa Senators jersey when she was in the nation's capital as well. My only question is why she was given #11 when she's worn #9 on every other jersey? I know it's probably the year she was there, but she's always #9 in our hearts. Yes, I stifled a laugh there.

One Direction remains on the touring map as they bounced into Hershey, Pennsylvania where they were given jerseys from the Hershey Bears!

From one boy band to another, the Jonas Brothers make an appearance as they accept their Dallas Stars jerseys.

Demi Lovato received a New York Islanders jersey as she was preparing for her role as a judge on American Idol! She seems to be quite happy with her new hockey sweater.

Ariana Grande returned home to Florida for the holidays, and she supported one of the two Florida-based teams as she wore her Florida Panthers jersey! Big hug for grandma Grande as well!

Katy Perry finally makes an appearance on here with all the touring she's done as she received a personalized, bedazzled Minnesota Wild uniform while in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I'm not sure I approve of the bedazzling, but it's a Wild uniform nonetheless.

While she's not as famous as her sister for her vocal talents, Jamie Lynn Spears shows off her favorite jersey as she holds a Colin Wilson Nashville Predators jersey! Colin Wilson, you ask? Apparently, they are just friends and nothing more. Yes, I checked. And then I showered.

From the land down under, singer/model Iggy Azalea sports the Chicago Blackhawks logo proudly. She's an Australian hip hop artist. Her music is, um, interesting. FYI - lyrics are explicit. Turn the volume down when he music is on.

I had Snoop Dogg in a Penguins uniform before, but it appears he had two of the same style. I found him wearing the diagonal Penguins jersey personalized with Jagr's name and number on it as it should be. Much better, Snoop Dogg. Much, much better.

Macklemore makes a couple of appearances on this list. First, Macklemore was in Cedar Park Arena where he received and wore a Texas Stars jersey. From there, he was in Spokane where he wore a Chiefs jersey on stage. And you can see the Seattle Supersonics jersey peeking out from below that Chiefs jersey. Macklemore got two pretty sweet hockey jerseys!

Say what you want about their music, but Canadian band Nickelback is racking up the team uniforms as well. Nickelback received hockey jerseys from the Dubai Fighting Camels while touring in the Middle East! How cool is that?!?

Speaking of cool, Canadian musician Drake has sported the 75th-anniversary NHL All-Star Game jersey in the past, but he's also been photographed in the throwback 1980-81 NHL All-Star Game jersey with Wayne Gretzky's name on the back! Well played, Drake! That, sir, is a fine looking sweater!

Carrie Underwood has pretty much given her allegiance to the Nashville Predators since her husband, Mike Fisher, was traded to Music City. However, Carrie Fisher was given a USHL Sioux Falls Stampede jersey as her tour came through that city! Add another jersey to the "Fisherwood" closet!

Reader Nath T. sent in a beauty of a find as well! Michael Bublé is another hockey-loving Canadian, so he was given a Melbourne Mustangs jersey while on tour in Australia! For those who aren't aware, hockey is thriving in the land down under, and the AIHL's Mustangs are now represented by one of Canada's best crooners! Great find, Nath, and thank you!

Wow! A ton of great uniforms seen there on a number of outstanding musicians! Who is the best thus far? Who has worn the worst uniform so far? Comments are always welcome!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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