Friday, 28 February 2014

The Amazing Vegas Spidermen

Today's article has a dual purpose. I had not, before this evening, seen The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. I can now cross that off my bucket list, but I'm not posting a review. There wasn't any hockey in it. However, it ties in very well with tomorrow night's promotion in Las Vegas as the Wranglers will be donning their red-and-blue uniforms for one night as they battle the Idaho Steelheads in the second of five-straight games against them.

The Wranglers will wear the above Spider-Man-themed jerseys when they take the ice tomorrow, and they're doing it for a good cause. While some would say that this little game of dress-up is nothing more than a minor-league promotion, the Wranglers may actually save lives tomorrow. While they won't be on the streets in spandex, they will auction off the Spider-Man jerseys after the game with the proceeds going to benefit the Children's Hospital of Nevada at University Medical Center.

Pretty good deed, right? One lucky fan in attendance will also win a jersey off a Wranglers' player, someone will go home looking like Spider-Man, but smelling like a hockey player. There are pros and cons in every superhero story, I guess.

The jersey, as seen above, features the Wranglers' alternate logo on the chest and patches for the sweater sponsor, Diamondback Land Surveying, and the Children's Hospital of Nevada at University Medical Center. The font used for the names and numbers is pretty unique, and I have to say that for a one-off promotional night, I like them. And kudos to the Wranglers for making replica Spider-Man jerseys available in both adult and child sizes that will be available in the Team Shop. I'm guaranteeing there will be a lot of little Spider-Mans in the crowd tomorrow night!

The Las Vegas Wranglers may be last in ECHL's Pacific Division this season, but they are certainly going to be heroes to a number of kids on Saturday night in raising a pile of money for the Children's Hospital of Nevada at University Medical Center. They may not make the playoffs, but they'll help a number of families in Nevada. And that's what being a hero is all about.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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