Sunday, 23 March 2014

Internet Struggles

My internet has taken a holiday. According to my ISP, there are "intermittent service outages in my area" today, and that they are "working to resolve the problem as soon as possible". I've been trying to do a number of things online today, but it appears that my internet is still down. And yes, I've been posting this when I've had random service available.

Needless to say, thanks to my ISP taking the day off, HBIC is gonna follow suit. If you're trying to hit HBIC Radio, it too will be offline while my ISP struggles to provide service. I'll be back tomorrow, though, with some WHA stuff, some stuff from this weekend, and more!

Thanks for bearing with me, readers. We're into HOUR 10 of barely being online. I'd complain about my online woes, but that's a first-world problem and I'm well-aware there are larger problems in the world than my online woes. I finally was able to post this at 9:00pm instead of at noon when I had originally wanted. Yeesh!

Until next time, keep your internet online!

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