Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Hockey Show - Episode Eighty-One

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced hockey radio show, has a massive show set-up for today. We have guests, we have giveaways, we have announcements, we have controversy - in other words, it will be a pretty normal episode of The Hockey Show. Of course, I joke, but we have a lot to cover today as we work through all of hockey's biggest news stories!

Joining us today will be the hosts of the QX104FM Morning Show in Winnipeg as we welcome the incredible Brody Jackson and Samantha Stevens to The Hockey Show! Now you might be asking why a couple of country music DJs are breaking free from their own radio show to come and do another radio show. Good question, I counter. The only answer I can give comes in the form of this YouTube video.
We're going to see if we can get Brody and Samantha comfortable and confident during tomorrow's show as we talk to them about this experience, what it was like for Brody to play in figure skates, how Samantha's progress is going, and much more. What else? Let's move on!

This story blew up in a major way, so we'll touch upon it. Troy Westwood, former Winnipeg Blue Bombers kicker and current morning show host on TSN1290 in Winnipeg, tweeted out an odd comment after finding out that Winnipeg Jets captain Andrew Ladd missed Monday's game against the Dallas Stars after returning home to witness the birth of his daughter. He tweeted,
Now, I want to make something clear. Troy isn't questioning Ladd's commitment to being a good father or a great husband as he was with his wife, Brandy, during the birth. All Troy was asking was why Ladd missed the game on Monday when his daughter was born on Sunday. Twitter nearly imploded as Troy was hammered by Jets fans, so we'll talk a little about what happened and why Jets fans need to take a step back when someone asks a legitimate question.

Onward we go as we'll look at the Jets and their race to finish 23rd-overall this season. Personally, I can't see the Jets making the playoffs - a running theme for me on The Hockey Show - and we'll find out from Brody and Samantha what they think about this squad. We'll toss some info in about the Brandon Wheat Kings who are in a playoff series against the Regina Pats in the WHL and holding their own! We'll bounce over to the KHL where the Gagarin Cup Playoffs are still going, and where a titillating offer fell short for one team.
That's too bad... I think. Her name is Maria Levinskaya if you want to look her up. Her Twitter account is set to private, though, and I don't know enough Russian to be able to strike up a conversation with her. Oh well....

We'll also look at the rest of the playoff series still happening over in Russia, and we'll check in on Orebro to see how the battle is going in Sweden as Jared Aulin looks for a playoff spot in the Swedish Elite League. From that news, we'll jump to this new puck design that the Nordic folks want to try out in hockey and get everyone's thoughts on the Aalto puck.

We'll toss out birthday wishes to Winnipegger and gold medalist Sami Jo Small who celebrated her birthday on March 25, a few days after seeing Toronto win the CWHL's Clarkson Cup! As you may know, Sami Jo is one of the top people in the CWHL, and Toronto is her former team! Staying on the women's trail, two gold medalists were also named to the Juno Cup roster yesterday, so we'll get everyone updated on who is playing in the Juno Cup.

Why is that important? Because we're giving away a PAIR OF TICKETS to the game on Friday night! Now you might be saying, "Hold on a sec, Teebz, one pair only?" Unfortunately, yes. If that makes you say bad words, though, we have a second giveaway of a PAIR OF TICKETS PLUS TWO $10 GIFT CARDS to Jason Bateman's new movie, Bad Words! The opening night screening is set for 8:10pm at SilverCity Polo Park tomorrow night, so you have two chances to win some awesome prizes tonight!

Phew! Episode 81 is blowing the lid off this popsicle stand! You can always listen to us at 101.5FM in the Winnipeg area, and on the UMFM website outside the city. Listen for your cue to call tonight for the giveaways, and feel free to call between the prize giveaways to speak with Brody and Samantha! You can reach us at (204) 269-8636. I'll have my eyes on the Twitterverse as well so hit us up there at @TeebzHBIC. Lots of stuff happening on The Hockey Show, so get ready for some fun! And, of course, the podcast will be linked after the show!

PODCAST: MARCH 27, 2014: Episode 81

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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