Monday, 28 July 2014

85 Seconds Of History

It's pretty quiet in the hockey world right now. We could probably talk about the Daniel Winnik signing in Toronto, but no one really wants to hear about that. After all, the Leafs have all but been mathematically-eliminated from the playoffs at this point in the off-season, so why bother talking about 2014-15 when 2015-16 is so close? Of course, I'm kidding about that, but the "Anybody But Toronto" stance the rest of the NHL has is pretty fun. In any case, Toronto will play a big part in today's article as they have had a couple of teams mentioned that called "The Big Smoke" home.

Designer Ann Frazier has done something pretty cool that we should examine. There have been many maps produced and published on the internet about where teams have played with respect to divisions and conferences, but Ann went one step further in animating her maps. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your 85-second history class as taught by Miss Ann Frazier!
Pretty solid, right? Not only does she show where the teams played, but logo changes through the years as well. And if you're a music connoisseur or a Hartford Whalers fan, you probably recognized that background music. That's Brass Bonanza! Awesome music selection for the video, Ann!

Granted, it is harder to see some of the logos in the small space. Full-screen on YouTube might be the best way to view this video in all its awesomeness. Even saying that, though, Ann Frazier has done something truly awesome, and I'm glad she's being recognized for it all over the hockey spectrum.

Well done, Ann! Keep up the awesome work!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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