Monday, 7 July 2014

Rough Hockey Day

The ladies to the left are pretty important to a number of people. That's Mrs. Aulin and her daughter, Kirsten. Mrs. Aulin also had a son named Jared who played in the NHL and is currently playing for Orebro HK in Sweden. With the announcement from the Ottawa Senators today that GM Bryan Murray is being treated for cancer, I thought I should get on the soapbox because three people are battling this disease, and all of them can use a little support.

If you aren't listening to The Hockey Show on Thursday nights, you may have missed a lot of the chatter about Mrs. Aulin's battle against cancer. Mrs. Aulin was diagnosed this past March with cancer while Jared was playing with Orebro, and he was affected by it hard. He didn't publicize it, but word got out about Mrs. Aulin's battle. The fans in Orebro, who had come to like and appreciate the work done by Jared Aulin during his time in their fair city, responded in a big way in supporting Jared and Mrs. Aulin in their difficult time.
I'm still in complete awe over that outpouring of support shown by the fans of Orebro. That's just not seen in sports, let alone life, as thousands of strangers rallied around the Aulins.

Unfortunately for the Aulins, they aren't out of the woods. As Mrs. Aulin continues her battle, Jared's sister, Kirsten, was also diagnosed with cancer as of last week. Kirsten, who was married in August 2012, is a vibrant, beautiful woman who deserves a better summer than rounds of chemotherapy. HBIC is pulling for the entire Aulin family as they rally around two members who are battling a horrible disease. I'll talk a little more about the Aulins below.

It was announced by the Ottawa Senators that GM Bryan Murray is also battling cancer. Murray's type of cancer was left unspecified, and the tam has asked for privacy while Murray receives treatment for the disease. However, Murray will begin treatment for the cancer he has immediately, and there's a good chance he'll beat it thanks to the aggressive treatment he's receiving. Unless its fairly serious already, and then it's a matter of catching up.

That, though, is the key, readers. Like Mrs. Aulin and Kirsten Aulin, get checked early by seeing your doctor at regular intervals. They both have caught their cancers at early stages, and it seems that both are on their way to recovery. Screening for cancer is the best way to catch it, and you may not even feel ill if cancerous cells are growing. Again, early detection makes beating cancer very possible, so get to your doctor for your annual checkup!

I wish nothing but the best to Mr. Murray, Mrs. Aulin, and Kirsten Aulin in their battles against their respective cancers, and HBIC is behind each of you in your respective fights. Get healthy and kick cancer's butt!

Until next time, schedule a checkup with your doctor!

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