Sunday, 26 October 2014

California Dust-Up

Another friendly night in California tonight, eh? The Sharks and Ducks got together for a little old-time hockey tonight in Anaheim as they totaled up 165 minutes in penalties, five official fighting majors, and eight game misconducts. John Scott could be suspended for his role in the altercations in the third period, but the main theme of the night was that these two California rivals proved that they don't like one another very much.

Scott came off the bench in the third period and started a fight with Tim Jackman - a definite no-no - in the third period that opened up the can of worms between these two teams. There was always some risk that John Scott could lose his mind at any point, and we've seen him go off before. However, this fight was more him tackling Jackman and pinning him to the ice, causing other players to follow suit in dropping the gloves. But the fact remains true that Scott made a legal line change with the purpose of instigating a fight, and there will most likely be a phone call with the league in the coming days.

However, it was the four-man scrap in the corner that caught the attention of the officials and, ultimately, the cameras covering the game.

All I know is that this felt like a game from the 1970s featuring the Broad Street Bullies. Everyone had everyone else's back. Perry and Getzlaf were each assessed a fighting major and a game misconduct. Ben Lovejoy and Joe Pavelski squared off earlier in the period. Jackman and Scott wrestled for the second time in the game. This was, indeed, an old-time feeling.

In the end, San Jose defeated the Ducks by a 4-1 score, but the carnage on the ice is what will be remembered in the short term. John Scott will most likely have a few more days to reminisce about his actions as he's most likely going to suspended.

Does anyone still think hockey in California is a bad idea?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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