Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I don't like writing about senseless loss, but it happened today. The man to the left is Corporal Nathan Cirillo, and he was gunned down in Ottawa today in what seems to be a random act of violence. Cpl. Cirillo was a reservist serving in Hamilton from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada regiment. He was just 24 when he met his ultimate fate today when a lunatic - yes, I'll use that term - walked up to him, put a rifle into his chest, and pulled the trigger at close range. This was a man who was dedicating his life to keeping those who live in our borders safe, and it was a man from within our border who took his life. He was far too young, and this act of violence is grotesque and senseless. It has left me quite angry.

I will not identify the gunman. He deserves neither recognition nor infamy for the choice he made today, but he is dead as well. The House of Commons sergeant-at-arms and RCMP officers shot him to death at the Parliament Buildings after he took Cpl. Cirillo's life. Again, he will not be recognized by me other than referring to him as the lunatic.

The tragedy in Ottawa today saw the NHL cancel the game in Ottawa between the Senators and the visiting Toronto Maple Leafs. No one will fault the NHL or teams for that decision. This is a day of tragedy, and I feel for all of those whose lives were touched by Cpl. Cirillo, especially his family and friends. Nathan is a hero, and we should honour him as such.

In an act of true awesomeness, the Pittsburgh Penguins played the Canadian anthem to honour Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and as a show of support to the city of Ottawa and all of Canada. Here's Jeff Jimmerson singing both anthems tonight. Very classy, Pittsburgh.

Rest in peace, Cpl. Cirillo. You were taken far too early from us by a lunatic who didn't deserve the protection you provided him. You're a hero, and you'll always be a hero for all eternity. While the grief and loss will always be present for your family and friends, your legacy will live on.

Until next time, raise your sticks high in honour of Cpl. Cirillo!

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