Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Get A Jump On The Holidays!

If you know anything about me, it's that I happen to really appreciate my headphones. I received a pair of SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks headphones last year from SOL REPUBLIC, and I'm happy to report that they are still working as they were when I received them. A couple of people I work with asked me about them, tried them out, and they went out and purchased their own thanks to the comfort they provide while wearing them and the sound quality they provide. Needless to say, you can call me a fan, and I've used them to listen to out-of-market hockey games on bot my iPad and my laptop. It's almost like being there live!

Ok, I've gushed enough about my headphones, so let's talk about SOL REPUBLIC's new products. Of course, the holiday season is coming up, and you might be needing an idea or two when it comes to getting a gift. I will fully admit that SOL REPUBLIC products are a great gift, and those that receive them will love them.

First off, SOL REPUBLIC is introducing the Punk Wireless Speaker! This little wireless speaker fits in your hand, and can be used wirelessly as far as sixty feet away! It's water, dust, and shock resistant, making it your perfect speaker to use outdoors when you're sitting on the deck, at the beach, or anywhere else you want to bring some sound. With an eight-hour battery life, you don't have to worry about the speaker cutting out while you're out and about. Lastly, the price is entirely affordable for a wireless speaker at $69.99 (and ships for free!). Pretty awesome, right?

Secondly, I know lots of people who spend countless hours looking for their ear buds. Personally, I know I've had a couple of pairs disappear into thin air on me, so maybe you need to replace yours or replace a pair for someone else. If so, consider the SOL REPUBLIC Relays as your next pair! They have three-button controls and an inline microphone so that they can be used with your iPhone or other Apple devices, and they fit pretty well in my ears. The Relays do come in a one-button version, but it's the same price as the three-button version, so why not tack on the two extra buttons for free? These sell for $79.99 (free shipping!) and are actually less expensive than those sold by Apple!

Ok, so at this point you're probably wondering why I've turned HBIC into the Home Shopping Blog. Well, there's a good reason why. SOL REPUBLIC has graciously and generously allowed me to give away a pair of SOL REPUBLIC Relays to a reader of HBIC! Because the holiday season is approaching, we'll start this contest up in November. It will be a holiday-based contest and contain a social media aspect. I wanted you to be aware of it as I await the arrival of the package containing the SOL REPUBLIC Relays. I can't necessarily give away an item I don't yet have, right? Be ready, though, as the contest will start next week!

If you're looking for the Relays or the Punk wireless speaker for the holiday season, the best place to find them is at Best Buy, and the prices are the same as what you'll find at the SOL REPUBLIC site. Convenient? You betcha.

If you're looking to try to score your own Relays or Punk wireless speaker from SOL REPUBLIC, I highly recommend that you follow them on Twitter at @SOLREPUBLIC, on Instagram at @SOLREPUBLIC, and/or on their Facebook site.

I'll announce the contest details next week, so stay tuned right here on HBIC! It'll be fun, it'll be festive, it'll feature a social media aspect, and someone will come away with a new set of ear buds for their holiday season!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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