Wednesday, 19 November 2014

22 Minutes For Cherry?

Don Cherry isn't actually getting 22 minutes of airtime. That would be longer than the intermission, so that's not going to happen nor are they giving him segments in each intermission either. As far as I can tell in my limited research, Don Cherry has never appeared on CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes as himself. Being as iconic as he is, the show frequently satirizes him and his commentary, but the icon himself has never appeared on the public broadcaster's sketch show. This week, though, 22 Minutes took things to a whole new level as they used Don's caricature to talk about some of the new developments in hockey. The result? Funny!

Here is Mark Critch as hockey's most outspoken individual talking about ads on jerseys and the length of his Coach's Corner segment. And he knows who is to blame for this new trend.

Not bad, right? I like the "NASCAR Ice Capades" comment. I have to admit that 22 Minutes really hits the nail on the head with this piece on Cherry. It's not disrespectful to Mr. Cherry in any way, and the comedy is linked to how he reacts to news such as the ads on jerseys. Honestly, I think this parody is pretty spot-on considering the outrage Mr. Cherry can show occasionally.

Of course, Rogers could just have him pitching all sorts of stuff outside of ads on jerseys.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes might be the best thing still going on Canada's public broadcaster now that Hockey Night in Canada is elsewhere. Well done, 22 Minutes!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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