Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Almost Made It

Bryan Little was one second short of tying a record tonight. The man to the left? He holds the record. I won't tell you who he is just yet, but Bryan Little missed out on tying the fastest goal in franchise history tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Little scored his goal just nine seconds into the game which is one second more than the record this player set on December 20, 2003 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. This player would actually go on to play for the Penguins later in his career, but he scored just eight seconds in on Sebastien Caron. Who is he? Who is this heroic individual? I shall reveal all after the video!

Here is Bryan Little's goal against the Blue Jackets tonight. Most people hadn't even got to their seats before the Jets were up 1-0 in this game.
Brian Engblom's idiotic commentary aside, that was a great individual effort by Little as he wound up in the neutral zone, used some great speed to enter the zone and split the defence, and Andrew Ladd fed him perfectly. It was the start of something great as the Jets prevailed 4-2 tonight over the Blue Jackets in which Evander Kane scored a pair of goals.

As an aside, when was the last time I wrote "Kane scored a pair of goals" when referring to Evander and not Patrick? No clue. It's been a while.

So who holds the record as described above? Set up by Vyacheslav Kozlov and Marc Savard, Robert Petrovicky scored on Sebastien Caron eight seconds into the game against Pittsburgh! He would add an assist late in the second period on an Ilya Kovalchuk goal, and the Thrashers would go on to win by a 7-4 score.

It just goes to show that scoring early often leads to wins!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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