Sunday, 30 November 2014

Hockey-Themed Musicians

The continuing look at musicians seen wearing hockey jerseys shall continue this fine Sunday as I've discovered a pile more. I find this to be a fascinating topic since musicians rarely show their favoritism towards sports teams being that they have fans across the world, but it's a glimpse at them showing a small iota of appreciation towards a fanbase that is loyal to its hockey team. Could it be considered a cheap way to garner fan support? Sure. But I think it's way more interesting that they don the colors and try to grab the fans' attention through their hockey support.

He's shown his support for the Phoenix Coyotes before, but I'm starting to be convinced that Alice Cooper is a hockey fan. "The Godfather of Shock Rock" normally dresses in his black attire to take the stage, but he breaks out in a hockey jersey occasionally when the time calls for it. Case in point? Here's Alice Cooper in a Team Finland jersey! How cool is that?

You may recognize Christi Paul's name from her normal job as weekday news anchor for HLN and weekend anchor for CNN's New Day. Christi is a pretty accomplished woman as she's also a musician when she's not reporting the news from Atlanta. You might be saying, "Teebz, she's not a musician", but I assure you that she is. Here she is singing the anthem at an Atlanta Thrashers game, and here's her video for her song called "Wake Up In It"!

I hadn't heard of Annakin Slayd before writing this article, but he's actually a musician that has a love for Montreal sports. He wrote a tribute to the Montreal Expos' lost season called "'94 Fall" after the baseball strike canceled their shot at the World Series, and he's written a great song about the Montreal Canadiens called "Rock the Sweater" seen in the video below. He even makes mention of former Canadiens such as Mike Keane, Patrick Roy, Guy Carbonneau, and Ken Dryden in the song! So you'd expect him to be wearing a Canadiens sweater, right? Here's Annakin Slayd wearing a Team Canada jersey instead! He does wear the Habs uniform in his video, though. Take a look.

I was previously unaware of who Ginette Reno is, but she's actually a big deal. She is a gold and platinum selling Canadian musician in English and French, and has recorded somewhere around 60 albums. She's very well-known in her hometown of Montreal where she was invited to sing the national anthem at the Bell Centre. And of course, she supported les Habitants!

REO Speedwagon has carved out a very successful music career over the years. They've had big hits, they've enjoyed a pile of album sales, and they routinely have excellent concerts. Kevin Cronin was with the band for their 1972 album R.E.O./T.W.O., replacing original vocalist Terry Luttrell. However, Cronin left the band in 1973 due to internal conflict before returning in 1976. Cronin penned the #1 hit "Keep On Loving You" in 1980, and has been a part of the band since. Cronin, who is from Chicago, recently took the stage in support of his Blackhawks!

You may recognize Melora Hardin's name from her work on NBC's The Office where she played Jan Levinson, but Melora Hardin has also been a singer in TV and movies. She played a nightclub singer in Disney's The Rocketeer where she sang "Begin the Beguine", and starred in the TV movie Tower of Terror where she sang "Boy of My Dreams." She sang the anthem for the Anaheim Ducks on October 13, 2010 and then performed the anthem for the Phoenix Coyotes three days later! Unfortunately, I can't find an image of her singing in Anaheim. Little help on this one?

Rutgers opera voice student Stephen Saharic has done something not many opera singers can claim: he's sung the national anthem at a New Jersey Devils. Twice. That's pretty awesome. The first time he sang the anthem, the New Jersey Devils hammered the St. Louis Blues 7-1, and his second performance came this past Friday as the Devils fell to the Red Wins by a 5-4 score in the shootout. Saharic's baritone voice has yet to record a loss in regulation for the Devils, so maybe they keep bringing him back? The best part? Saharic wore a jersey with Adam Henrique's name and number!

Vanessa Morgan is a Canadian actress who is known for her work as Bird in the MTV teen drama Finding Carter, Amanda Pierce in the Family Channel series The Latest Buzz, and Sarah in the television film and series My Babysitter's a Vampire. She also appeared on the Canadian version of The Amazing Race with her sister, and she's currently working on an emerging music career. The Ottawa-born Morgan was recently invited to sing the national anthem at a Senators game!

So there is another pile of musicians who are wearing hockey jerseys. If you want to see the full list, you can find all of the musicians in jerseys here. If you have any photos you want to submit, fire me an email with the link, and I'll credit you!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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