Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Correctly Coding Color

Occasionally, programmers and coders run into a little problem of color. Colors in the coding world are based on what are called "hex codes" based on hexidecimal values in mixing the primary colors of blue, green, and red. Most are written in the format #000000 (that would be black) in order to achieve the color needed. Because it's written in hexidecimal format, you can have over 16 million colors to choose from when looking for a specific shade! Needless to say, there's a color for every programmer out there.

Graphic designers require specific shades of color for logos and designs, so they are extremely picky when it comes to eggshell versus white. Relating this to hockey, there are a ton of specific colors that are used for logos and jerseys in the NHL, and finding the right hexidecimal code on the internet for your team could be a bit of a chore.

Until today as I'd like to present Team Hex Codes! Big stick tap to my friend Tessa V. for finding this site and sharing it. Suddenly, finding the right shade of light blue for the Jets is no longer a guessing game!

The site has the hex codes for NFL, MLB, and MLS teams as well, but no NBA teams at this time. What's cool about the Team Hex Code is that if you are an aspiring coder, you can grab the source code over at GitHub and make changes or add teams or even add a league! Personally, I'd like to see alternate and throwback colors added for the NHL teams. Obviously, the Winter Classic jerseys for the Capitals aren't included, but the alternate colors for the Penguins and Islanders are also missing.

If that's the only complaint with this site, though, most coders are going to love it! I do caution that some of the colors seem slightly off - Phoenix's Coyote logo is more brown than what is shown on the image, but the hex code matches the picture. Therein lies the rub, and it might be a good idea to do a little research if you're planning to design a site off these colors. You can never go wrong with a second opinion!

This is a great site to begin working with hex codes for colors, though, and you might find that you can find one of the 16 million colors that works a little better than what the site has when you're coding your NHL colors. Maybe you'll discover you have an eye for this graphic design thing!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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