Tuesday, 30 December 2014

On A Mission

HBIC is lucky enough to be on the radar for a few companies who enjoy sending products for me to test. For you, readers, I will not endorse anything without testing it first because if I won't buy, I don't expect you to buy that product either. Makes sense, right? I was lucky enough to have the Mission Belt Company send one of their newest designs, and I have to tell you that I am impressed with their product!

I had first heard about Nate Holzapfel and the Mission Belt Company through his pitch on ABC's Shark Tank. Granted, it had nothing to do with hockey, but the idea of redesigning the belt to work better was an intriguing idea. Since then, Nate's been pitching the Mission belt on various programs, and the results are very encouraging!
When you can get Daymond John, the founder of FUBU, to back your product, you know you have something special. The Mission Belt Company has been growing by leaps and bounds since that appearance on the TV show, and they've started to add new products to their lineup. One such product? Licensed sports!

I will tell you upfront that this belt fits well, and is certainly easier to fit on a waist than the conventional hole belts. The one-inch gaps between holes doesn't give you a tight fit if you're not exactly a specific size, so the belt is either too tight or too loose. The Mission Belt Company's ratchet belt is a thousand times better since the sizing is far more exact. Personally, I'm going to invest in a non-sports one for more formal attire because it fits so well. But - and this is the part I really like - there's a second reason to buy a belt from Mission Belt Company.

I used to work in the financial industry, and we tried to help the under-served a lot. Various initiatives and programs were designed to give those who needed a helping hand the steps and abilities they were seeking. The Mission Belt Company is doing something similar with their mission, and it's an initiative I believe in: one dollar from the sale of every belt is going to fight global hunger and poverty through micro-lending. Partnering with Kiva, a non-profit, peer-to-peer micro-lending organization, Mission Belt Company is working to reduce and, hopefully, eliminate world hunger and poverty by empowering those who want to make a difference in their communities through economic development and entrepreneurship.

As you can see from these graphs, the impact is already being felt around the world as Mission Belt Company and Kiva do their parts in helping the global community. Again, I think this is an excellent cause, so I'll be ordering myself a belt come 2015. For now, the Pittsburgh Penguins belt that Mission Belt Company generously sent to me is the best belt I have in my wardrobe without any doubt.

There is one caveat on the NHL belts: there are only 16 teams represented right now. Missing are Anaheim, Arizona, Calgary, Carolina, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Florida, Nashville, New Jersey, NY Islanders, Ottawa, Tampa Bay, and Winnipeg. Of course, there may not be as much of a market for a Carolina or Edmonton belt as, say, a Toronto or Boston belt, but you'd have to think that Mission Belt Company will offer all of the teams in the near future.

Mission Belt Company gets a thumbs-up from me for their belts and, more importantly, their mission in helping to eliminate world hunger and poverty. The belt fits amazingly well, and the mission that Mission Belt Company is on to make the world a better place is one I can happily support. Well done, Mission Belt Company!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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