Friday 26 December 2014

IceBoxing Day!

Hockey Blog In Canada wants that fridge to the left. That, readers, is the Molson Canadian Slap Shot Beer Fridge, and it will be on display in both Montreal and Toronto during the IIHF World Junior Championship! Now you might be saying "Teebz, it's just a fridge", but I'd stop you right there in your tracks. You see, this is no ordinary fridge, and it won't have your usual Molson adult beverages in it for the lucky few who are able to snipe their way to awesomeness. If legends are born at the World Junior Championship, the Molson Canadian Slap Shot Beer Fridge will certainly make a few fans into legends!

Molson Canadian has had a long association with hockey in this great land of ours, and they'll be helping those who like beverages to get in the spirit with their new limited edition can design as seen to the right. Molson Canadian is proud to help commemorate Hockey Canada's 100 Year Anniversary and to highlight two legendary gold-medal winning years of 1993 and 2005 for Team Canada. Personally, I've never collected cans of any sort, but I do know that there have been some cans that have become iconic for their imagery. The Don Cherry "Bubba" Can is one such can. If you're a collector, though, these cans are available for only a short time as Canada looks to start a new gold medal-winning streak here in 2015!

As stated above, Molson Canadian has a long history of supporting hockey and has been in partnership with Hockey Canada for the past twelve years. This year, though, Molson Canadian is giving fans a chance to snipe for awesome prizes! The Molson Canadian Slap Shot Beer Fridge only opens if a puck is shot through the puck slot, so start working on that accuracy! Prizes will include Team Canada jerseys, tickets to games throughout the World Junior Championship, and much, much more! How cool is that?

This is somewhat like the passport fridge that Molson Canadian set up at the Canadian Pavilion in Sochi during the Winter Olympics. It's a pretty cool idea, and I'd love a chance to shoot for whatever prizes may be inside. With Molson being a major hockey supporter, you know the pries are going to be awesome. If you're in Montreal or Toronto during this holiday season, grab you stick and head down to the rinks where the World Junior Championship is being held and see if you can score yourself some gear and tickets compliments of Molson Canadian!

While you won't get a gold medal, it might be the best score all year!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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