Monday, 19 October 2015

The Best High Stick Ever

I'm always a little hesitant to throw a product on my blog and endorse it without having seen or used it myself. After all, if I won't buy it, why would I try to convince you to do so? I'm not about catchphrases and jingoism when it comes to pitching a sale either, so I prefer a bird in the hand if you excuse the expressions.

It intrigued me, though, that the president of a company would email me with the following email in trying to convince me to help endorse his product. Mr. Illarion Shulakewych, President of High Stick Vodka, sent me this correspondence a few weeks ago.
Dear Gift Editor,

The gift that will get people talking this season: High Stick Vodka. A hand blown glass hockey stick, filled with award winning, premium Canadian Vodka.

Gifts can be tricky, especially for those Fathers, sons (of drinking age), brothers, husbands and boyfriends that seem to already have all the toys, but with High Stick Vodka, the problem is solved! For the Hockey lover in the family, High Stick Vodka will be that must have item this season. To be the envy of all the friends that have heard rumours and only seen it in pictures.

This vodka, distilled and bottled in Kelowna BC, is limited in availability and perfect not only for the hockey fan but also for the vodka connoisseur. High Stick Vodka won the 2015 double gold award at the WSWA tasting competition. One of the largest alcohol beverage trade shows in North America. The smooth, clean finish will impress the most sophisticated palate.

Your readers will be highly interested in learning more about High Stick Vodka in your publication.
Gift Editor? That's definitely not me, but this email was intriguing. Hand-blown glass hockey stick bottle? Interesting. Envy of all the friends? Interesting. Limited availability? Very interesting.

So I did what any self-respecting "Gift Editor" would do: I requested a hockey stick full of vodka. A couple of emails back and forth with Mr. Shulakewych and his colleague, Mr. Nowak, and I have High Stick Vodka in my hands a week or two later. So far? Impressed.

The problem I find is that I'm not going to drink any of the vodka because we're giving it away on The Hockey Show this week! Your pledge to our show for $120 will earn you an entry into the draw for this fantastic prize! I've seen it at my local adult beverage store, and it retails for $99.99 at the store. Needless to say, you're getting a great deal on this when you consider all of the other incentives you get for pledging to UMFM.

However, I still haven't given you a reason to actually buy into High Stick Vodka other than I have the product. The vodka is actually a Canadian wheat vodka that is filtered 18 times in an artisan distillery in Kelowna, BC before being bottled in the glass hockey stick. I'm not sure if being filtered 18 times is more impressive than 17 times, but I take it that they use charcoal and other filters to purify the product so that it's both smooth and delicious. After all, they're a double gold winner at a pretty prestigious tasting competition.

And this claim of being a double gold winner at the WSWA Tasting Competition? Entirely true. The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America is the national trade organization representing the wholesale branch of the wine and spirits industry in the United States, so I'd say they have some knowledge of great tasting wines and spirits since that's kind of their business.

Like any connoisseur, most people want to know about the taste of High Stick Vodka. Because I'm not cracking open the limited edition bottle I received, I went elsewhere to find a review. I happened to find one on YouTube through Hotmixology!
So it appears that the taste is not an issue as Hotmixology seems to like High Stick Vodka! Honestly, having a glass hockey stick to display in your house that comes with a pretty high-quality product inside of it is a nice bonus.

Once again, you can get your hands on some High Stick Vodka by pledging to The Hockey Show on 101.5 UMFM this Thursday! Any pledge of $120 or more will be entered into the draw for High Stick Vodka, so give us a call on Thursday at (204) 474-6610!

High Stick Vodka: the best kind of high-sticking you can taste!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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