Friday, 29 April 2016

The Big Leaderboard

Having run the HBIC Playoff Pool for a number of years, I have dropped tidbits of information that I would consider to be vital in being successful in the contest. As you know, there are more series in the opening round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs than there are in the final three rounds. One entrant in the 2016 edition of the Playoff Pool took full advantage of this fact and absolutely crushed it. His opening round score is, officially, a record for the HBIC Playoff Pool, and it may be enough to allow him to cruise to victory. That being said, I haven't given up on anyone catching him as there are still seven series to be played! The prognostications of this entrant, however, are nothing short of impressive at this point!

You'll want to refer back to this page for the point totals as we move through the playoffs. This is where all future point updates will happen. I have listed the names below in alphabetical order as per your submitted first name, so scroll through and find your name and point total.

Because of the scheduling quirk for the second round, if you want to gamble some points in the "Risk It!" option at this time, send me an email indicating that. Again, you must call the series perfectly to get the gambled points doubled. If you're wrong, you won't lose points, but you also won't receive any points for that series. In other words, don't gamble on EVERY series unless you absolutely have to do so!

Without further adieu, here is the HBIC Playoff Pool Leaderboard!

Name Tie-Breaker Points Rank
Adam K.
St. Louis
54 n/a
Andy S.
70 n/a
Cole V.
77 6th
Corey D.
36 n/a
Dan F.
60 n/a
Daniel W.
102 1st
Dave F.
71 8th
Dylan M.
49 n/a
Forrest B.
Los Angeles
63 n/a
Jackson N.
28 n/a
Jared R.
58 n/a
John M.
67 n/a
93 2nd
Mark S.
Los Angeles
29 n/a
Marty L.
38 n/a
Matt H.
73 7th
Michael J.
55 n/a
Michael M.
20 n/a
Michael P.
39 n/a
Neal L.
no team
23 n/a
Peter S.
Los Angeles
57 n/a
Ryan H.
24 n/a
Ryan P.
NY Rangers
82 5th
Scott M.
70 n/a
Steve M.
St. Louis
31 n/a
Ted A.
83 4th
Tony T.
37 n/a
Westin F.
84 3rd
Zeke P.
36 n/a

Ok, so a few notes about the above leaderboard. Names in yellow are your leaders, and their rankings as to where they stand are to the right of their names and point totals. Those are the people you're hunting down in this quest for some free gear. As you can see, some are closer than others, but no one is truly out of this contest until the Stanley Cup has been awarded. If you want to risk a few points on a series or two, that's at your discretion, but it could get you back into the race very quickly.

Secondly, due to the number of entrants, I will be awarding eight prizes to this year's contestants. As you may be aware, there are a number of people who drop out over the course of the playoffs, so your odds will likely get better as the playoffs go on AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO PLAY. As you can see above, eight names are in yellow and their rankings are there for the taking to those who can predict the next seven series correctly!

Good luck, everyone, and congratulations to our leaders!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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