Friday, 6 May 2016

Well Done, Deadspin

I'll honest when I say that I don't read Deadspin regularly for any reason. Most times, I can't even be bothered to click on their links because I find myself feeling like I've fallen for click-baiting on some half-story. Every once in a while, though, Deadspin comes up with a beauty of a story that should be read by the greater masses, and today is one of those days. I want to give kudos to Deadspin and to author David Davis for this story because it truly is the story behind one of hockey's most iconic photos. This is the story of the horizontal Bobby Orr photo against the St. Louis Blues where he's just scored the game-winning goal that clinched the Stanley Cup for the Boston Bruins.

The photo above, taken by Ray Lussier in 1970, is still one of sport's most iconic photos. Orr, having scored the game-winning goal in overtime in Game Four for the sweep of the Blues, was tripped moments after scoring the goal that resulted in Lussier capturing the Boston hero in mid-air while horizontal. It's truly one of hockey's greatest images, and Deadspin's David Davis wrote an excellent article on how Lussier was able to capture the moment on film.

If you're an aspiring sports photographer, you should read the article to see understand how Lussier captured this photo. His insight into the moment, his understanding of the series and situation, and why his positioning in the St. Louis end all contributed to this iconic moment. He also got a little lucky in grabbing a photographer's cutout in the glass that had been vacated, but luck favors the prepared as the saying goes.

Ray Lussier's story is truly one of those moments-behind-the-moments that needed to be told, and I want to give credit to Deadspin and David Davis for telling the story. Mr. Lussier's story is all about knowing the game, catching a break, and capturing one of sport's most memorable moments. Read through the article. You won't be disappointed.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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