Saturday, 17 September 2016

There's An App For That

Four years ago, I entered into talks with 101.5 UMFM in bringing HBIC to the radio. They approached me about the idea of a hockey-themed show, and I brought the idea of translating the blog to the radio medium so that the major stories from the hockey world could be discussed in an everyday-like setting. We've received a ton of phone calls from listeners, we've interviewed a bunch of amazing people, and we've tried to stay on top of all the major stories and happenings from across the globe. But there was always one complaint that we fielded with good reason.

"I don't get your station."

It's not that people didn't understand the station, but that our broadcasting range isn't very large. Sure, you can hit up the internet and listen to UMFM via the website, but that's a bit of a pain in the rear, right? Wouldn't it be easier if there was just an app for that? Wouldn't it be easier to hear The Hockey Show with just one tap on your phone or tablet? Heck yes, it would be a ton easier!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, let's make this a whole lot easier.

The iOS app was released this week, and you can download it for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and listen to The Hockey Show with just one touch now! Just follow this link on your iDevice and get the UMFM app! It's never been easier to tune in!

For the Android crowd out there, don't think we've forgotten about you. The Android app can be found in the Google Play Store, and has been available for a couple of weeks already. If you haven't had a chance to download it, follow this link and get the Android app for your phone or tablet as well!

Sorry, Blackberry users, but your market share didn't warrant a Blackberry App, but it's not like you can't get the Android app onto your phone. If you're using a Blackberry 10, you can sideload apps from the Google Play Store. Please remember that the apps were not designed for a Blackberry, so I can't guarantee that the UMFM app will work perfectly, but give it a shot and let me know in the comments if it works for you!

There are a couple of things you should know about the UMFM app itself. This is the initial offering of the app, so there will be some things missing that you can still find on the UMFM website such as UMFM's Second Stream. UMFM is working towards including a bunch of new stuff in the next release such as a wider selection of streaming archives for all our shows and adding in a real cool feature for all of UMFM's "Friends With Benefits" partners, but the station wanted to get this new app out in September so that you can hear all of the great programming that it has to offer such as The Hockey Show and a pile of Bison Sports broadcasts including men's and women's hockey.

There's no timeline right now as to when the next update will be released with the new features, so if you want to listen to UMFM's Second Stream for any of the sports broadcasts, festival info, and live sessions done at UMFM, I suggest going to the Second Stream's webpage for that information for now. The Second Stream is occasionally offline for administrative purposes, but it will be carrying all of the above starting in October.

Starting on October 7, Bisons men's and women's hockey games can be found there for all home games not carried on the main UMFM feed which is streamed via the app. If you want UMFM hockey action, you know where to find it all season long! Make sure you check the schedule on the website as men's games and women's games are played at different times throughout the season!

Regarding the broadcasts over the airwaves, the following schedule will be broadcast on the main feed for UMFM. You can hear these live via the app during the broadcast times shown below. Please note that all times are Central!
  • MEN: 7pm Friday, October 28 vs. UBC Thunderbirds
  • WOMEN: 1pm Saturday, November 19 vs. Alberta Pandas
  • MEN: 7pm Friday, November 25 vs. Saskatchewan Huskies
  • WOMEN: 1pm Saturday, December 3 vs. Mount Royal Cougars
  • WOMEN: 1pm Saturday, January 14 vs. UBC Thunderbirds
  • MEN: 7pm Friday, January 27 vs. Calgary Dinos.
  • WOMEN: 4pm Saturday, February 4 vs. Saskatchewan Huskies
  • MEN: 7pm Friday, February 10 vs. Alberta Golden Bears
So what are you waiting for? Get out to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and download the app, or follow one of the convenient links above! You're missing great programming that is entirely NOT commercial radio right now, and you may even find a new band or song that you want to download through UMFM's interesting and entertaining programming! And you can follow all the latest developments on The Hockey Show at 5:30pm CT on 101.5 UMFM,, and the UMFM app!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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