Monday, 17 April 2017

Karlsson Blog In Canada

I gushed over Karlsson's play from a couple nights ago yesterday on the ol' blog, but what he did tonight was downright ridiculous. I watched this play over and over again on Sportsnet, and I still can't figure out where Karlsson practices this, how he does this so perfectly at game speed, and the sheer strength and skill this play takes. This will be the second amazing pass he's made in two games to set up a goal, and I'm not sure the Bruins can do anything but marvel at Karlsson's skill. He's an elite defencemen, and I'm pretty sure tonight's play confirms the "elite" part.

Let's go to the highlight because words won't do this play any justice.
That pass went from goal line to opposing blue line. That pass didn't flutter, dip, or knuckle at all. That pass landed flat like Karlsson made it from five-feet away as opposed to standing 115-feet away. That pass was simply incredible, and then Mike Hoffman turned it into a goal with the Forsberg move. That, folks, is outstanding offensive hockey.

The fact that Karlsson had to elevate it some ten-feet in the air to go tape-to-tape to Hoffman at the Bruins' blue line is one thing, but when you factor in the strength and skill it takes to spin the saucer pass 115-feet down the ice without so much as a wobble in the air is another level of skill altogether. As I watched him skate into the corner, I thought he was flipping the puck out and down the ice. Instead, he pulled off one of the greatest passes in the history of the game. Yes, I just declared that.

Erik Karlsson is something else. Oh, and the Senators won tonight's game as well to give them a 2-1 series lead. I'm not saying that Karlsson has taken over this series and imposed his will, but he's made two incredible plays that have led to Ottawa wins. I'm sold: the kid is a generational talent. He might be the best defenceman playing hockey right now.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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