Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Hockey Show - Episode 239

The Hockey Show, is back tonight with a pile of stuff to go over. We've seen wins, losses, heartbreak, and jubilation through the first round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, and that goes true for the Survivor: NHL Playoffs contest! Our first elimination happened last night, so we'll bring in the exiled Survivor contestant and get his thoughts on his team's playoff performance. We also have some news about some player movement, Canada winning a gold medal, how the rosters for the World Championship are shaping up, and more! It's another busy show on The Hockey Show tonight on UMFM!

As you can see, the Survivor: NHL Playoffs board has been updated with our faded and grayed-out competitor Jared M. showing up after the Flames were summarily dismissed in a sweep at the hands of Derek A.'s Anaheim Ducks! We'll see if we can Jared to give us his thoughts on the Flames' lack of success tonight to kick off the show before we start working our way through the other seven series. There were also a few players who will have new addresses next season as two Vancouver Canucks decided to pack up and leave the west coast city for greener pastures. Canada and the US renewed their rivalry on the ice in Bonn, Germany at the World Para Ice Hockey World Championship, and we'll go over that game. The Portage Terriers and OCN Blizzard battled for the Turnbull Cup, and we have a winner in the MJHL after that series ended. Anything else comes up may get a mention as well, so tune in tonight as we send Jared off Playoff Island on The Hockey Show!

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PODCAST: April 20, 2017: Episode 239

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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