Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Oilers Are Comedians

Despite some new rumours of some extracurricular activities that Daryl Katz allegedly may have attempted, his ownership of the Edmonton Oilers has gone relatively well. Sure, there were some unhappy fans after the team kept winning lotteries only to finish at the bottom of the standings, but they finally got things right when Connor McDavid fell into their lap, Peter Chiarelli became available for employment, and nepotism was finally retired in the front office. The Oilers are back in the playoffs, they have an Art Ross Trophy winner again, and they seem poised for a bright future. Well done, Daryl Katz.

However, it seems that the fa├žade is slowing disappearing. First, the Oilers announced that not only will they wear their orange alternate jerseys for the playoffs, but they'll continue wearing them next season and retire the blue jerseys as their home jerseys. Despite all the history and moments achieved by this franchise in blue, the Oilers will be orange from Wednesday and onward until further notice. This isn't a joke, readers. It was actually said out loud.

"We will go orange for the playoffs with the jerseys," Oilers CEO Bob Nicholson told Terry Jones of the Edmonton Journal . "There will be a piece going out to all our season ticket holders from Daryl Katz to encourage people to wear orange. We will also have orange pom poms available."

Ugh. I guess the drug store magnate in Katz is actually an entertainer in his mind.

Regardless of my thoughts on the move to orange, it seemed the Oilers were about to become the hottest ticket in town for their stay in the playoffs. Or at least it was until an email sent to a Twitter user named Ryan Batty (@ryan_batty) hit the social media platform tonight.
A concourse pass that doesn't allow a pass holder a seat or a view inside the rink area for $80? Has Katz lost his mind? I get that some people might want to be inside the arena for the action, but essentially you're buying an $80 pass to walk around a mall. And this isn't a joke!

Look, the arena atmosphere in the playoffs is amazing. You can feel the electricity as fans prepare for the big game, and any time the home team scores it feels like the roof might blow off the top of the arena. It's amazing. But if you ask me to spend $80 to stand around the concourse while everyone else is sharing in the majesty that is the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, you're insane.

I can sit at home in the comfort of my own living room or rec room and watch the game in peace without the overpriced food, without the overpriced beer, and with the same experience that Daryl Katz is offering up at 80-bucks a head. Hell, I'll charge you $40 to come watch it at my place, and the food and beer prices will be cheaper than what you're being charged at Oilers Palace or whatever they're calling the new arena. This is a comically-stupid idea, yet I'll wager that the Oilers will sell out of these passes because people will want to say "I was there!" when McDavid scores his first playoff goal.

Except you weren't. You were watching it on TV just like I was despite being inside the arena. And that's why this is dumb.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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