Sunday, 1 July 2018

Canada Day (Off)!

Today is always a great day on the calendar as Canada celebrates its independence, there's a ton of activity on the NHL free agent market, there are fireworks at some point in the evening, and it's usually a day spent with family for me. That means there will be some barbecuing happening, and that's a good time for all involved. I know a lot of you are probably expecting me to be following the John Tavares situation, the Paul Stastny signing, and all the other moves happening today, but this place will officially be closed for Canada Day.

I understand that the John Tavares signing could have major implication on who goes where today, but I have to admit that I need a day off. I have a very busy week next week that I now have to pack into four days instead of the usual five, and I want a day to recharge the ol' batteries. Today, being that it's a holiday, will be said day. I'll be back tomorrow with some examinations, so hold tight until then and enjoy the Sunday.

As a reminder, please be kind to pets and animals who may not enjoy the sounds of fireworks. Also remember that veterans who have gone through some tough times may not appreciate the sound of fireworks either. All it takes is a short conversation with neighbours to find out if pets or military veterans are ok with fireworks if you're planning on lighting up the sky tonight. Do you part and be repsectful.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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