Sunday, 8 July 2018

Selling A Logo Out

The AHL's San Jose Barracuda unveiled new uniforms for the 2018-19 season on Friday, and they're just a wee bit underwhelming to say the least. I'm not sure why this needed an announcement when the Barracuda arguably just changed the logo on the jersey, but I guess "new uniforms" bring a bigger bang for the buck. Either way, the logo change actually may be an upgrade, but I'd still like to see a hem stripe on these uniforms.

As you can see by clicking on the image to the left, the logo is entirely different as the old Barracuda logo really gave no indication as to who the Barracuda were. The new logo has the "SJ" for San Jose, and I like the more complete barracuda in the logo. The dorsal fin is actually larger on the new logo than on the old logo, and it appears that the barracuda is far more "realistic" when compared to an actual barracuda. The SJ on the shoulder on the old uniform is now part of the primary logo while the NHL's San Jose Sharks logo will occupy both shoulders for their AHL affiliate.

So why was this so important to announce? It appears there's a secondary motive that involves the tail wagging the dog on this one.

According to the press release,
"the Barracuda, along with all 31 AHL teams, will be adopting the new CCM Quicklite uniforms that were worn during the 2018 AHL All-Star Classic last January in Utica, New York. The modern design features more breathable fabric and new MixMedia cresting techniques, all designed for increased comfort, enhanced durability, and better range of motion. They will also include new CCM DNA on the back and a new signature collar design with a deboss pattern."
Yay for more sports uniform jargon! Aren't you excited to hand over $300 for one of these marketing wizards at Adidas to get his or her bonus? I am!

Ok, sarcasm aside, what the heck is a "QuickLite" jersey?

"We built the Quicklite concept around improving player performance through a lighter weight uniform system with an enhanced range of motion and comfort," Maria Pineiro, Global Business Unit Director Softgoods & Sourcing for CCM Hockey, told the AHL's website writer. "CCM is continuously investing in developing advanced technologies on skates, sticks and protective equipment to make them lighter and more performant and we felt that the player uniform could deliver on these same key attributes."

First, "performant" isn't a word. Performative is a real word, and it probably should have been used. But why check those little details when describing your newest, shiny toy?

Second, everything that Miss Pineiro said is just more marketing speak. Is there anything different between the CCM QuickLite fabric and the Adidas Adizero fabric? Are we simply calling the same thing by two different names? Would it make any difference to know that CCM has produced an entire line of "QuickLite" equipment? It seems like marketing garbage to me that will help further the CCM brand's newest creations without actually providing something material that will change the game for the better.

The fact that the San Jose Barracuda used this announcement of a new logo to help push the CCM QuickLite jersey is ridiculous. You're better than this, San Jose, and I would have never expected the Barracuda to use a logo change announcement to further CCM's marketing. I don't know if the Barracuda was paid to show off new jerseys when all that changed was the logo and shoulder patches, but I'll give them benefit of the doubt that this "announcement" came about organically.

If it was pushed by CCM, the San Jose Barracuda should be ashamed for this pageantry.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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