All About Teebz

If there is one thing that I don't feature on HBIC, it's me. I like to hold onto my privacy fiercely, but I've decided that it might be time to lift the curtain on HBIC. This page is all about Teebz and what makes me tick when it comes to hockey and life. And it may surprise some people regarding my other activities, but I do lots of stuff outside of hockey despite my love and passion for the game. As you can see to the left, I proudly wear the New York Islanders' Fisherman uniform because I still like it despite the majority of the planet feeling differently, but I'm not an Islanders fan per se. Regardless, here is the stuff that makes Teebz tick.

I am, and have been for as long as I can remember, a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. I still think that Mario Lemieux is the greatest pure goal scorer to have played the game. I have a deep respect for players like Gretzky, Howe, Hull, Richard, Orr, Plante, and Tretiak. I hate the neutral zone trap and the left wing lock, and I preferred the wide-open style of the 1980s. I believe that fighting has a place in hockey, but I abhor the staged fights in which the players partake. I like women's hockey, I watch CIS and NCAA hockey as often as I can, and I will stop by local rinks just to see the smiles on kids' faces as they chase the puck up and down the ice.

I probably have far too many jerseys for one person to legitimately have, but those that I do have are some of the worst the NHL has ever produced. As seen above, there's a "Kasparaitis" Fisherman jersey, there is a "Nedved" Gretzky-era Blues uniform, an unnamed Dallas "Mooterus" jersey, and an unnamed Boston "Pooh Bear" jersey sitting in my closet. Yes, I laugh at the jerseys I have sometimes.

My full-time job sees me fixing computers and I enjoy the work and the people with whom I work. Because of my interest in computers, I have learned a pile of programming, and this has helped me make this blog better. In short, my real job has helped me with this "job".

Outside of hockey, I have a pile of interests. I like to travel, and a good roadtrip can erase any stress I have. I enjoy cooking, and I'm constantly looking for new recipes to test. I have a smoker, and I apparently make some high-quality beef jerky if the comments from those who have indulged are to be believed. I enjoy reading, and there's usually a book about hockey open somewhere that I've been reading.

Beyond that information, if you want to ask anything else, feel free to use the "Contact Me" option on the menu at the top, and we'll chat about whatever topic you like!

Take care, enjoy the game, and keep your sticks on the ice!