Monday, 26 April 2010

Not Much Needs To Be Said

Detroit and Phoenix will clash in Arizona for the right to advance to play the San Jose Sharks.

Can Detroit draw upon their vast playoff experience and knock off the youthful Phoenix Coyotes? Can Phoenix use their home-ice advantage and never-say-die attitude to deliver a knockout blow to the defending Western Conference Champions?

Washington and Montreal will clash in the capital of the United States of America for the right to advance to play a team from Pennsylvania.

Can Washington stop the bleeding and prevent a third-straight Game Seven loss in series that go the distance? Can Montreal capitalize on a shaken Capitals team by demonstrating their relentless shot-blocking, amazing goaltending, and timely scoring for a third game in a row?

In your view, who advances and why do those teams move on? I'm interested in seeing your reasons for your selected teams to advance. Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Jim BC said...

Who knows what to expect for Game 7 in Washington. What a crazy series! I thought my prediction of Caps in 5 was a done deal after the two wins by Washington in Montreal but who could have predicted a Game 7??

I have a feeling that the Caps are going to come out firing on all cylinders so Halak better be ready....

mtjaws said...

I think both games will come down to goaltending. The east teams have swapped goalies in and out, and I think Montreal has the momentum. Detroit still has a rookie, and Phoenix has a solid star in goal.

I hope Phoenix and Washington win, since I dislike the other two. Phoenix played so great in Game 6, and they deserve to advance to the next round. I think they can beat the Sharks, but they have to get by those pesky Wings first.

And if any squid gets thrown on the ice at a Detroit road game, I think Detroit should get a penalty. They made that rule about throwing objects on the ice (like thousands of rats!), but Detroit fans get away with it everywhere.

JTH said...

Wings and Habs because I want both of the conference championships to be Original 6 match-ups.

andrew said...

a little late to predict the wings game now, but you can't be serious, mtjaws, about penalizing detroit for octopi on the ice. there are so many obvious problems with penalizing a team for their fans' actions, most notably that there'd be no way to be sure it was a wings fan, and not an opposing fan wanting to give their team a PP.

caps over montreal, as they just have too much offensive talent. would love to see montreal pull it out, though.

mtjaws said...

Andrew, I am serious about the Wings and their recurring octopi! Because it is an actual rule (albeit against the home team):

63.4 Objects Thrown on the Ice – In the event that objects are thrown on the ice that interfere with the progress of the game, the Referee shall blow the whistle and stop the play and the puck shall be faced-off at a face-off spot in the zone nearest to the spot where play is stopped. When objects are thrown on the ice during a stoppage in play, including after the scoring of a goal, the Referee shall have announced over the public address system that any further occurrences will result in a bench minor penalty being assessed to the home Team. Articles thrown onto the ice following a special occasion (i.e. hat trick) will not result in a bench minor penalty being assessed.

Now throwing anything on the ice to disrupt the game does deserve an initial warning, and then a penalty. But thinking of the rule and fans, the "misdirection" by a home fan just isn't a good excuse. Firstly, it would penalize the home team, so why would he do it? Secondly, it would be a jab at his own team, so why would he rile up the opposition? If the rule penalizes the road team, you can be sure Wings fans wouldn't risk it on the road because they would know it could hurt their team.

I saw it happen at Phoenix in game 1 or 2 stoppage late in the game, and seem to remember hearing the warning. But just because it's a Wings tradition, both home and on the road, I don't think it should be allowed. Everyone knows it's a Wings fan at work, and it just annoys me that they routinely get away with it.