Friday, 23 April 2010

The Spoils

I figured there was no time like the present to post the fabulous prizes that the 62 HBIC Playoff Pool entrants are vying for in this season's contest. There are some impressive prizes that I've collected and obtained from various sources, including some that are worth more than the standard $20-30 CDN value. With more people entering this season, I felt it was important that I ramp up the prizes and opportunities to win prizes, and I'm hoping to award as many as possible.

I want to be clear when I say that not everyone will win a prize. I apologize for this, but the number of entrants have made it harder to give out prizes to everyone. Instead, I will award as many as I can from the following list. The "grand prizes" will be listed first, followed by the smaller $20-30 prizes. Let's take a look at what's up for grabs.

  • Grand Prize 1: Toronto Maple Leafs gear. This prize pack includes an American Needle retro Maple Leafs ballcap, a CCM blue home Toronto Maple Leafs jersey (XXL), and a Toronto Maple Leafs keychain (courtesy of The only catch is that the keychain has the retro logo on it, not the modern one.
  • Grand Prize 2: Team Canada prize pack. This prize pack, courtesy of the good people at Pepsi/Gatorade/Frito-Lay, comes complete with a black duffle bag, a skate towel, a Team Canada-Pepsi ballcap, Pepsi noise makers, a Team Canada-Pepsi car flag, a pile of Team Canada face paint, and Team Canada-Pepsi temporary tattoos. There's also a Nike Team Canada stretch-fit hat, and a Nike Team Canada "Gold Olympic Champions" t-shirt (XXL).
  • Grand Prize 3: Buffalo Sabres jersey. That's right - a soon-to-be-discontinued Buffa-Slug home jersey. I seriously considered keeping this for myself, but the CCM home navy blue Sabres jersey (XL) is up for grabs.
  • Grand Prize 4: $75 gift certificate to the store. This prize comes compliments of the good people at Pepsi/Gatorade/Frito-Lay, and can be used on any of the merchandise featured at the NHL online store.
And we move on to the $20-30 prizes. These aren't anything to scoff at as I would actually like to keep a few of these, but I'm devoted to the pool, so you guys get the benefits.
There you have it, people. 22 prizes available for you to win, meaning you have approximately a one-in-three shot at taking something home. Again, no one is eliminated from the HBIC Playoff Pool until the Stanley Cup is handed out, so make sure you start thinking about Round Two.

If you have any questions about the prizes, feel free to fire me an email! Thanks again to the 62 people who threw their names into the pool! There may be more prizes if I happen to get my hands on more decent gear!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Frank Mercogliano said...

Just awesome!!!! You rock sir!

LI Phil said...

how come they're all XXL teebz?

Teebz said...

That's all I got from the vendors I dealt with?

Besides, it's easier to wear something as size bigger than it is to wear something a size smaller. ;o)

LI Phil said...

a size bigger?

XL IS a size bigger

ah well, it won't matter, since im basically out of the money anyway