Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Doing Some Fiddling

If you've stopped by in the last couple of days, you may have noticed a change to the site. It's not completely obvious, and it certainly isn't eye-catching in terms of flashiness, but I have been fiddling around with some stuff on the site in order to have a better site. Again, it's nothing flashy and certainly isn't going to win me some web award, but HBIC is looking to make things better for you, the reader, as we move forward. And no, I didn't sell out to Walt Disney or hire Mickey Mouse or anything to help me promote the blog. The image to the left is more a less a ruse. But a picture has been added to the site in a permanent spot!

If you look up at your address bar or tab where this site is open, you'll see HBIC's new favicon! Yes, it's very simplistic, but I wanted it to be something that harkens back to HBIC. And what better way to harken back than to post the actual letters I use when referring to this website. HBIC is still proud to blog on the Blogger platform, but I wanted a little more personal touch than the Blogger "B".

Secondly, I am working on figuring out the coding for a news ticker that I can place just below the HBIC banner. I want a place where people can drop in and get the latest CBA news without having to wade through a ton of stories that have zero to do with the topic. With the reality of another lockout approaching, you're going to get bombarded with a ton of CBA news per day. I am looking to weed out the garbage and only bring you the latest news in one place. Once I figure out the coding to make it scroll properly, I'll post that as well!

I actually found a ticker I really like, but the scrolling just isn't working right. If anyone knows how to make the scrolling wrap around so that after Point X, Y, and Z are shown, Point X follows Point Z again. In all my trial-and-errors (more error than trial at this point), I can't seem to get my head around why it won't wrap. If anyone has any answers, email me here.

That's all for today, kids. Let's hope that the NHL and NHLPA can start getting their acts together for the sake of this season and future seasons.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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mtjaws said...

Great little favicon! The letters are much better than the B. I'm having trouble getting it to show up in my bookmark list though. Hopefully it'll get updated properly.