Thursday, 2 August 2012

Teebz, Where Are The Pics?

I have received a few emails from readers and media outlets regarding the latest Paulina Gretzky photo shoot. Some want to know why I haven't posted the pictures of hockey's most famous daughter while others want to know what my stance is regarding Paulina's pictures. In much the same way that I took a stance against showing any pictures of the young Vancouver lady who bared her chest to Ben Eager, I will also not be posting any pictures of Paulina Gretzky. While I understand that everyone wants another opinion on this, Miss Gretzky's photo shoots have nothing to do with hockey outside of her last name making her related to some hockey player. That's not a hockey story at all.

Again, I find myself baffled that the testosterone-driven hockey world has turned into a bunch of adolescent boys over seeing some scantily-clad images of a woman. Paulina Gretzky is an adult and can do whatever she pleases in terms of living her life, but I'm not here to post her Twitter pictures or her latest magazine spread. You want tabloids and trash? This isn't the place.

And from the sounds of it, Paulina is getting a little tired of people scrutinizing her because of her last name. "The only reason people are paying attention to [the racy photos] is because of my father," she tells Complex magazine. "I don't think they'd care if I was anybody else. I'm a normal 23-year-old. I know attention is part of the career I've chosen, but I wish I was presented in a different light."

HBIC agrees with that stance, and I will not post her images here unless she takes to the ice. I appreciate that Wayne Gretzky has a beautiful daughter, but it's not a hockey story that she's chosen a life as a musician and model. Rachel Hunter dated Jarret Stoll. Olivia Munn dated Brad Richards. Neither of their images made it onto HBIC because of who they were. Why? Because it's not a hockey story. In fact, Hunter only made it onto HBIC because Stoll called off their engagement.

As I said in the 2011 article, I'm not trying to be more pious or righteous compared to anyone else. I have spent many nights after softball games at our team-sponsored gentleman's club, and I have seen my fair share of women without tops. Personally, the female form is quite appealing and I happen to like curves on a female much more than I like seeing a woman's ribs as if she were a supermodel or waif. Miss Gretzky is certainly nice to look at, but her last name does not make her a hockey story.

You can ask or request my thoughts on Miss Gretzky's photo shoots all you like. You just won't get a response. And I will not exploit Miss Gretzky by posting her photos on HBIC because someone wants to see them. It has nothing to do with hockey, and that's why you stopped by this blog.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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