Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lest We Forget

Today is all about remembering all those who have served, who are serving, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our freedoms and liberties. Many men went, but less came back, and they are those who need to always be remembered on this day.

There have been a few NHL players who have not returned to continue their career after making the ultimate sacrifice. Here are those brave men who will be remembered today:
  • Allan Davidson - Stanley Cup winner in 1914 with the Toronto Blueshirts. Gave his life in World War I. Currently honoured as a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.
  • Russell McDonald - turned down several offers from the New York Rangers to join them in order to serve in the Royal Canadian Navy. Gave his life in World War II.
  • Red Garrett - played 23 games with the New York Rangers. Had the award for top AHL rookie named after him. Gave his life in World War II.
  • Joe Turner - tended the nets for the Detroit Red Wings for one game. Had the former IHL Championship Trophy named for him. Gave his life in World War II.
The NHL, luckily, hasn't lost many men to the tragedy of war, but a few men have served bravely and died honorably. Honour them, their brethren, and the many men and women who have followed their paths in defending and upholding the freedoms and liberties we value so much.

Lest we forget. As written on the wall of the Montreal Canadiens' dressing room and as written by Major John McCrae in 1915, "To you from failing hands we throw/The torch; be yours to hold it high."

Until next time, honour those who fought so bravely for us.

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