Monday, 26 November 2012

Movember's A Hockey Thing

If it isn't apparent already by the lack of Movember coverage being done by other sports, the Movember cause is definitely a hockey thing. Major League Baseball is in their off-season, so they aren't promoting anything right now. The NBA appears to not give a hoot about the cause despite them playing to a large number of male fans. The NFL is predominantly a male crowd, but they aren't doing much for men's health initiatives either. With hockey being the biggest driver for the Movember cause, it's heading to new heights as a couple of teams will be wearing their support on their chests as well as their faces.

One team, the Adirondack Phantoms, already has done so. The Phantoms played host to the Hershey Bears in AHL action on Saturday night, and had a new logo to show off when they took to the ice!
That's goaltender Scott Monroe wearing the Movember-esque Phantoms jersey as the AHL Phantoms welcomed the Bears to Glens Falls Civic Center for a Saturday night game, and those uniforms look pretty good. The Movember jerseys were auctioned off at the end of the night and part of the proceeds went to C.R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital. Great work by the Phantoms as they downed the Bears 3-1, and then sent a pile of cash over to the hospital to help them out! And those uniforms? Thumbs-up from me!

The second team to suit up for Movember with an added twist are the Las Vegas Wranglers, and they'll be doing so at the end of the week with November 30 on the horizon. That night, the Wranglers will welcome the Orlando Solar Bears to the Orleans Arena, and the Wranglers will take to the ice in these uniforms.
The ECHL teams will battle on November 30, the last day for the official Movember campaign, and the Wranglers, like the Phantoms, will auction off the jerseys after the game with a portion of the proceeds going to "Nevada Cancer Coalition, a non-profit organization that combines state-wide resources to help prevent, early detect and treat cancer". Well done, Wranglers, for helping the cause, and these jerseys are also pretty awesome. Thumbs-up from this writer in helping to support the cause!

Two solid uniforms from two teams who know how to get in on the cause and make a difference. Well done, Adirondack Phantoms and Las Vegas Wranglers, and thank you for helping out your local charities and supporting the overall idea of helping to detect, treat, and prevent prostate cancer!

MO' BRO: We've named the roster, added a couple of coaches, and petitioned the league to have one referee with a magnificent 'stache to call the games. Included thus far are Mike Gartner, Wendel Clark, Dirk Graham, Grant Fuhr, Dennis Maruk, Larry Robinson, Mike Ramsey, Derek Sanderson, Lanny McDonald, Bryan Trottier, Dave Babych, Dave Schultz, Rod Langway, Jamie Macoun, Harold Snepsts, Dave Tippett, Michel Goulet, Paul MacLean, Mike McPhee, Mike Bullard, Bob Murdoch, and Rejean Lemelin as players, coaches Pat Burns and Joel Quenneville, and referee Bill McCreary. If there's one referee, though, there needs to be another so we name the second zebra we'll be petitioning for when the Mo' Bro All-Stars take to the ice!

Don VanMassenhoven broke into the NHL in 1993 by officiating his first game between Edmonton and Boston. Before wearing the NHL stripes, VanMassenhoven actually wore a different uniform - he was a member of the Ontario Provincial Police! Since his 1993 debut, VanMassenhoven has worked 1147 regular season games, and 101 Stanley Cup Playoff games. Some notable games he's worked in include the 2002 NHL All-Star Game in Los Angeles, the 2007-08 Winter Classic in Buffalo, the 2004 World Cup of Hockey, and the 2006 Torino Olympics. VanMassenhoven also worked the 1990 CHL Memorial Cup and the 1992 AHL Calder Cup Finals. The 52 year-old referee is still an active member of the NHL Officiating crew today.

With McCreary and VanMassenhoven sporting their moustaches and carrying their whistles, the Mo' Bro All-Star team will have two classy, moustachioed officials calling their games! If you want to get in on the action, head over to the Movember page and get registered so your 'stache can stand amongst these great 'staches!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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