Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Hockey Show - Episode Ten

I'm currently on the road, but that doesn't mean The Hockey Show has to be put on hold! Beans was in the control booth and I called in, and we welcomed Jamie Hopkins, seen on the very right in this picture, to the UMFM studio tonight to speak about how well the Movember effort is going in Manitoba, across Canada, and across the world. We also got him to open up about some hockey topics, and we were able to award a Movember prize pack to a listener just for calling in!

Guests like Jamie make running a radio broadcast very easy. Jamie was knowledgeable and informative, and he didn't shy away from any of the questions. The fact that registration is already up over 400% compared to this time last year should make all those who are participating in the Movember efforts very proud. Jamie really drove home a couple of great points in that men need to see their doctors to detect prostate cancer early and that men shouldn't be afraid or embarrassed to see their doctor about these types of health issues. I agree with him 100%, and if you haven't seen your doctor in a while, please make an appointment to do so.

We're going to try to arrange to have Jamie on again once Movember wraps up to see how the campaign went in terms of participation and fund-raising. From the sounds of it, this year's Movember drive could break last year's record-setting numbers, and that's outstanding! Keep frowing your moustache, gents, and support the man or men in your life, ladies, with their 'stache growth. If you want to get in on the action, head over to the Movember page and get registered so your 'stache can stand amongst these great 'staches!

MO' BRO: And not to say that we have the perfect segue into this section, but we're going to add another player to the Mo' Bro All-Stars today. So far, we have Mike Gartner, Wendel Clark, Dirk Graham, Grant Fuhr, Dennis Maruk, Larry Robinson, Mike Ramsey, Derek Sanderson, Lanny McDonald, Bryan Trottier, Dave Babych, Dave Schultz, Rod Langway, and Jamie Macoun on the team, and we'll add our sixth and final defenceman today in Harold Snepsts!

Harold Snepsts isn't known for winning NHL awards or being a top scorer, but he was a fan favorite where ever he played due to that fantastic moustache on his face. Snepsts broke into the NHL in 1974 with the Vancouver Canucks as a fuzz-free youngster, but it didn't take long before his upper lip was adorned with one of the NHL's best 'staches. He was a two-time NHL All-Star in 1977 and 1982, and he became the first Canucks defenceman to score on a penalty shot in team history when he scored on Gilles Meloche of the Minnesota North Stars on February 2, 1980! Snepsts spent 17 years on NHL bluelines as he suited up for the Canucks twice, the Minnesota North Stars, the Detroit Red Wings, and the St. Louis Blues. He recorded 233 points in 1033 NHL games, but also tacked on 2009 PIMs over that time! I'd be intimidated squaring off against that 'stache!

Snepsts' inclusion on the Mo' Bro All-Stars is simply due to the longevity of his NHL moustache. While he was a two-time NHL All-Star, he'll be a permanent member of the Mo' Bro All-Stars as long as I'm around. If you want to get in on the action, head over to the Movember page and get registered so your 'stache can stand amongst these great 'staches!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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