Sunday, 18 August 2013

Is He In Or Out?

Reports broke today that the man to the left, Jose Theodore, was going to add another team to his résumé this weekend. All reports seemed to indicate that Theodore had passed a physical with the Boston Bruins to become the backup to Tuukka Rask for the upcoming season. It appears his salary would be somewhere in the range of $800,000 to $1 million, and all signs pointed to Boston having a solid tandem for their blue paint. Or so it seemed. With Twitter lighting up about the imminent signing, there suddenly were many who refuted the story. So is Theodore in or out?

At this point, it seems that this was nothing more than an exercise in Twitter rage. "Close to signing" doesn't mean he signed. After all, Boston was "close to acquiring Iginla" last season at the deadline, and look how that worked out for the media!

So despite what several reputable sources reported, TSN's Bob McKenzie - whose opinion is beyond respected on this blog - and Theodore's agent, Mr. Don Meehan, have both stated that the rumours of Theodore signing in Boston is untrue. I understand that there are a vast number of outlets in the media world who want to break stories, but being first without having concrete evidence of story being true is simply terrible journalism.

I get that there are bloggers and Twitter folk that may break a story before the mainstream media if the media is required to fact-check a story to be true. But that's precisely why the media have their credentials: ACCURACY IS IMPORTANT!
Agreed, Zach. Until it happens, the Bruins are no closer to signing Theodore than I am. As it stands, Jose Theodore is not a Boston Bruin. He may be soon, but he may also opt for a different opportunity in the meantime. The only thing certain regarding Jose Theodore right now? He's still a free agent. Bank on that, readers. It's accurate.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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