Friday, 23 August 2013

Updates For Friday

I have a few things I want to update today. Ironically, my little netbook requires a number of updates, so I felt this was a good time to do some updates on the old blog as well. I have a pile of updates to add to the Musicians In Jerseys article which I'm going to link on the right, and I also have to reach out to some of the winners in the HBIC Playoff Pool. Today seems like a good day to do this. Let's begin.

Let's start with Terry Kath. Terry has made a number of appearances on the Musicians In Jerseys article during his time with the band Chicago. He's even worn a Chicago Blackhawks jersey while playing with Chicago. So how appropriate is it that he sported the jersey of the other professional hockey franchise that played in the Windy City? Very appropriate if you ask me.

Black Sabbath was recently in Toronto where they received honorary uniforms for their musical longevity. While I have yet to see Ozzy Osbourne in a Leafs jersey - and how awesome would that be despite it being the Leafs - we do have the band holding their uniforms and Geezer Butler showing off the front and back of his uniform. Solid addition to the Musicians In Jerseys article, and a good find by John M.

We've known for a while that Michael Bublé is a hockey fan being a proud Canadian and all. We now have a picture of Mr. Bublé on the ice with the team! Excellent find by Sheila G.

We've seen lots of pop acts arrive in arenas to receive jerseys. One Direction has shown up on the list before as they've played in Toronto, but here's a photo of them recently in San Jose sporting Sharks uniforms! Notice that they are the old home jerseys as well.

Finally, we have another proud Canadian sporting Canadian colors as Dean Brody wore a Team Canada uniform in his Canadian Girls video. Excellent find by WiWi Joe!

We'll move onto the HBIC Playoff Pool. I need to have four of the final five people contact me via email ASAP: John M., Brandee T., Michael J., and Christopher C. As much as I like Gmail as my email provider for all thins hockey in my life, it has a flaw.

I hadn't emailed these four people yet since I was waiting on others to respond for their prizes. Because I hadn't emailed them, they officially don't show up in my email contacts. However, I had starred their emails in the trash folder because they were winners. Little did I realize that after thirty days of residing in the trash folder, Gmail would do me a favor by deleting these emails.

So if John M., Brandee T., Michael J., and Christopher C. could contact me ASAP, I'll get you your deserved prizes!

That's all for tonight, kids. It's hot and humid, and I'm taking a break. With it being even warmer tomorrow, this weekend might consist of quick entries rather than well-planned discussions.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Donna M said...

i found a pic of ozzy in a leafs jersey if you want it.

Teebz said...

Send it through email, Donna, and I'll post it! Thanks!