Saturday, 17 August 2013

Isn't This A Hockey Blog?

Yes, it is a hockey blog, but I spent my evening last night in the company of friends, including radio co-host Beans, at the theater to check out Elysium! We went mainly because we wanted to check out Jared Keeso's performance in the movie, and the movie was pretty darn good. In fact, it will probably end up as part of my DVD collection one day. In any case, Mr. Keeso's performance is brief, but his final scene may leave a lasting impression. As he's said on The Hockey Show a couple of times, he almost isn't recognizable, but we figured out who he was after a couple of appearances on camera. Well done on the movie, Jared, and we all came out of the theater with positive reviews!

I do want to touch on a couple of things. Despite some negative reviews in newspapers and on websites, this was a good film. It did slow down in some parts, but that's to be expected with any movie. While Damon and Foster probably won't win any Academy Awards for this film, I have to say that Sharlto Copley was brilliant in his role. You will be impressed with his work as "Kruger" - fantastic performance! Go see Elysium if you can. Just don't expect it to be Gone with the Wind.

With that out of the way now, let's move on to some hockey news!

Ottawa Spat

Anyone else sick of the crap going on in Ottawa over who is to blame for Daniel Alfredsson leaving the nation's capital? Melnyk, Murray, and company seem to want to blame Alfredsson's agent, J.P. Barry, while Alfredsson feels that the Senators went back on a deal he had asked for when he signed his last contract. While I appreciate all that Alfredsson and Melynk have done in the Ottawa region, stop pointing fingers and looking for a TV camera for a soundbyte.

Alfredsson is one of the most beloved athletes in Ottawa history, and all this is doing is tarnishing the player's reputation, the team's attractiveness for other free agents, and everyone in the Ottawa front office. And it's not like this is the first time that Melnyk has taken the low road when it comes to a player leaving, although Dany Heatley's leaving of Ottawa was under far different circumstances.

Personally, I find it hard to root for a team whose owner likes to sling mud. He's a business owner first and a fan second. Eugene Melnyk should have done the classy thing and simply wishes Alfredsson well on his new team. This blame game has done nothing for him personally in the court of public opinion. To fans outside the Ottawa region, it just makes him look petty.

Super Giroux

How crazy was the news about Claude Giroux requiring surgery after his golf club exploded and wrecked his finger? Golf clubs today have a lot of give in them as technology has significantly changed the way clubs are made and the force that they can exert and absorb. I'm not sure what kind of club that Giroux was swinging, but to have it explode in his hands is pretty amazing. I'm not saying he's like the Incredible Hulk or anything, but that takes some serious strength.

Of course, it could simply be from overuse. After all, the Flyers had a lot of time to play golf this past off-season. ZING!

Devil Of A Deal

The New Jersey Devils have a new set of owners today as Philadelphia 76ers owner Josh Harris and business partner David Blitzer bought the floundering club from snake oil salesman Jeff Vanderbeek for $320 million. Included in the deal is the lease to the Prudential Center where the Devils play. Honestly, I'm completely for this ownership change because Harris and Blitzer have the funds to make this work. In keeping Lou Lamiorello on their staff, the hockey club has a sound front office. All they need now is for the fans to come down to Newark to watch the team play.

Scott O'Neil, Madison Square Garden Sports' former chief executive, will take over the CEO position with the Devils, and it appears this team is poised to turn around not only the Devils - who reportedly lost $25 million this past year - but the Prudential Center as well. If Harris and Blitzer run the team and building like a business, there's no reason to believe that they will be successful with this foray into hockey. If the Devils are run as a second-thought to the 76ers, though, there's a good chance that the Devils will continue to fail.

Judging by how the two men spoke at the press conference, I'm leaning towards the Devils being profitable again very soon.

That's all for today for a busy Saturday for me. It's going to be a hot, muggy day in my neck of the woods, so stay hydrated and shaded if you live near me.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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