Friday, 16 August 2013

The King Lives!

The logo to left hasn't been seen in the NHL since the 1995-96 season when it was worn on the alternate jersey of the Los Angeles Kings. You remember that uniform, don't you? The one that fans now affectionately call the "Burger King" jersey? It was an eyesore that most tried to forget after that season despite it being worn by prominent names in Kings' history like Gretzky, Kurri, McSorley, and Blake. For a smaller number of fans, though, that jersey is a sign of dedication to the team, and the jersey is one of the more prominent pieces of memorabilia that a Los Angeles Kings fan can own. Yesterday, though, it was announced that the Burger King jersey will live on, although not quite in the same fashion it did before.

The AHL's Manchester Monarchs hold a specialty jersey night where they skate in a former uniform styling of their NHL parent club, the Los Angeles Kings. The second annual Los Angeles Kings Night will be held in January 2014 this year, and there were three different Kings uniforms for which one could vote. The Monarchs began the contest on August 1 where fans could opt for one of three jerseys: the yellow jersey from the 1972-1980 seasons, the "Burger King" jersey from 1995-96, or the purple jersey the Kings wore from 2002-2007. When given those three options, though, would there be any doubt?

Thanks to some assistance from Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy blog, fans responded. And oh how they responded! 75% of the total votes cast went to the Burger King jersey, proving that as hideous as once believed, this uniform lives on in infamy for all its glorious ugliness. Honestly, I'd be proud to have one of these in my jersey collection. It would be a point of pride. Seriously.

So I took the liberty of mocking up a Monarchs "Burger King" jersey. I have to say that the more I see this, the more I like it.
Is this a good look for the Monarchs? Personally, the Burger King jersey always felt minor-league, so having the Monarchs don it doesn't feel out of place at all to me. And yes, they should use the era-specific Los Angeles Kings logo to add more weight to the Burger King jersey. After all, the Kings were the "innovators" of this look.

What say you, readers: pass or fail on the Monarchs having a little fun with an eyesore of a jersey?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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