Monday, 2 December 2013

Enjoy It, Kid

The young man to the left is John Albert. He was a sixth-round pick of the Atlanta Thrashers back in 2007 at 175th overall. He played for the Ohio State Buckeyes in the NCAA where he had 21 goals and 69 assists in his three years on the ice. He was also part of the US National Team Development Program prior to joining the Buckeyes, so he has a fairly solid hockey background. Tonight, the young man made it to the Big Show on the biggest stage at Madison Square Garden where the unthinkable happened. And he did it in front of his family at the world's most famous arena.

How about that goal? The kid from Cleveland scores an absolute BEAUTY for the Jets on his first NHL shot in his first NHL game at the age of 24. But what do we actually know about Mr. John Albert? This is the first time he's been recalled, so I went digging into the internet to see what we could find on this new sniper the Jets are employing while Evander Kane is out.
  • The one superhero trait he would like to have is flight.
  • Despite wearing #70 for the Jets, his lucky number is 15.
  • His culinary skills top out at microwavable mac-and-cheese.
  • His favorite player is Lightning forward Martin St. Louis.
  • Favorite ice cream flavour is chocolate.
  • Favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • Favorite sport other than hockey is basketball.
  • Favorite movie is Wedding Crashers.
  • Favorite musician is Kenny Chesney.
  • Has three older sisters: Tiffany, Heather and Sarah.
  • Enjoys bowling, golfing, and hanging with friends when not on the ice.
Basketball? Alright, I can deal with that. Kenny Chesney? Not on my playlist. But the rest of these facts are pretty good. I like the choice of flight as the superhero ability, and good on calling Wedding Crashers as his favorite movie. That flick is pretty funny! All of these facts came from his OSU biography page, so they might be outdated. I work with what I can find.

So there's a little bit about the man behind the curtain, if you will, as we meet John Albert! Here's hoping that his next games in Florida are just as good as his debut! Hold onto that puck, Mr. Albert, because that's one for the mantle!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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