Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bands And Other Groups

As you may well be aware, there are many kids who take band in school and may even attend band camp at some point if they feel they have some musical ability. Other kids may take band, never want to play music, and move on to bigger and/or better things like working for the CIA or FBI or some other organization. In any case, everyone becomes something important in life, and it seems hockey finds its way into each of those lives.

We'll start with some of those kids who decided band class wasn't for them, opting for studies in mathematics, linguistics, and other analysis techniques. The FBI hockey team seems to look a lot like the Winnipeg Jets in their new uniforms, posing next to the Stanley Cup. I have to admit that those are some fine-looking agents in those uniforms, though.

I'm not sure how many people saw this based on their early exit, but Russia's Alexander Ovechkin came ready to play in the Olympics in Sochi for at least the first few games. While the Russian team was a squad divided amongst itself within it own dressing room, Ovechkin's patriotic skates could not be mistaken for anything but Mother Russia.

If you're buying playoff tickets for hockey in Toronto, you might be getting ripped off a little. Keep your eyes peeled, Torontonians. Don't get duped!

Alright, let's get to the musicians because I have a few of those images. If you haven't stopped by the Musicians in Jerseys page yet, make sure you do because there are a load of musicians wearing hockey jerseys or hockey-related, one-of-a-kind paraphernalia.

The Replacements' Reed Fischer shows his appreciation for the Canadiens while Cee-Lo Green tweeted out his support for Montreal as the playoffs began!

Winnipeg has had its fair share of rock stars and hockey stars play in the city. Those two scenes crossed for a publicity photo when Bobby Hull and Burton Cummings got dressed up on the ice for a small community center in Winnipeg named Valley Gardens Community Center! That's a pretty awesome photo considering just how big these two men were in Winnipeg back in the 1970s!

Yes was an English progressive rock band who broke onto the music scene in the late-1960s and early 1970s. They were well-known for a few hits including Owner of a Broken Heart which could be considered their most-famous track. Drummer Bill Bruford routinely took the stage in Boston Bruins-adorned overalls! Perhaps the "B" in the center of the logo stood for "Bruford" when he wore it?

2014 Juno nominee Amanda Rheaume has been setting the Canadian music scene on fire with her latest album Keep a Fire. The M├ętis songstress from Manitoba didn't appear on MTS Centre ice to sing the national anthem, but she did get to do it in the nation's capital as she appeared in front of Ottawa Senators fans! Well done, Amanda!

While Edmonton Oilers fans were heaving their uniforms onto Rexall Place's ice this season, one musician did not. Daron Malakian of System of a Down was spotted in Rexall Place by the Oilers' PR staff, and they snapped this picture of Daron in his Oilers gear!

She may have been born in Phoenix, Arizona, but music has taken her worldwide and earned her a Grammy alongside Carlos Santana. I speak, of course, about Michelle Branch who decided to support the local hockey team when she stopped in Boston with her band The Wreckers! Michelle looks pretty good in a Bruins jersey!

I'm not sure how hockey became a mainstay on the rap scene in the 1990s, but we have another group that showed off their hockey love on their album cover. UGK is made up of the duo Bun B and Pimp C, and they hail from Houston, Texas. So it was a little confusing to see Pimp C in an Anaheim Mighty Ducks uniform on the cover of their 1994 album Super Tight.

Speaking of rap, there are a few heavy hitters who transcended the 1990s into today. One of those men is Method Man, and the Staten Island-born musician is certainly representing in his New York Rangers gear. I'm not sure of that pose, but the Rangers jersey looks pretty good.

So there are a pile of jerseys from different walks of life, and a shot of Ovechkin's patriotic skates and a bit of a laugh at the expense of Leafs fans. Again, stop by the Musicians in Jerseys page to see all the musicians caught wearing hockey jerseys, and if you want to send in pictures of musicians wearing or holding hockey jerseys, fire them off to me here!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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