Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Hockey Show - Episode Eighty-Five

The Hockey Show, Canada's only campus-produced hockey radio show, hits the airwaves tonight with a ton of news, chatter, and insight on the hockey world. Ok, so maybe there isn't a lot of insight, but we're going to have fun, so that's a plus. We're going to have an open show, and we're going to encourage calls on a new feature we're introducing tonight! In other words, the interaction level of this show will go up immensely with this new feature that we'll run weekly and with guests!

We'll, of course, look at the NHL Playoff scene. The Russian Roundup will be back for the second-last time tonight as Lev Prague and Metallurg Magnitogorsk are locked in a battle for the Gagarin Cup. We'll talk a little about the Paul Maurice re-signing for the Jets. We'll jump on the first elimination in Survivor: NHL Playoffs. But we're going to go off the rails and introduce this new weekly feature. Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to play "3 Rounds Deep".

This is where you, readers and loyal listeners, come in. 3 Rounds Deep is a mock draft on any topic in the hockey world. Topics could include "Best Mascot", "Best American-born Players", "Best Nicknames In Hockey", or anything else under the sun. What Beans and I will do is draft three of whatever topic we choose. We can't repeat picks made by others and neither can you, so it will get a little tougher as people start participating. We'll start it off, then open up the phone lines and hit Twitter for everyone else to participate.

Here's how it will work...
Topic: Best Hockey Commentators of All-Time

Round One - Teebz: Foster Hewitt - CBC
Round One - Beans: Bob Cole - CBC

Round Two - Teebz: Chris Cuthbert - CBC/TSN
Round Two - Beans: Doc Emrick - NBC

Round Three - Teebz: Rick Jeanneret - Buffalo local
Round Three - Beans: Gord Miller - TSN
Once the draft has taken place, we invite you to contribute more. Call in or tweet, drop your three names/players/whatever and we'll add it to the list. If we have a guest on, we'll include the guest to participate, and then open the phone lines for discuss, criticism, cheering, booing... all the good stuff.

The key in this? We want your interaction. We're not going to denigrate you for your picks, but we may poke fun at you. However, our quaint little show is a talk show, and we want more interaction with people listening. That means you. So call us.

Going 3 ROUNDS DEEP tonight: Best fighters in hockey of all-time. You know what to do.

To get a hold of us tonight, call in at 204-269-8636 (204-269-UMFM) and we'll put you on the air. You can listen live on 101.5 UMFM from 5:30pm to 6:30pm CT tonight, and we're available over the web on any web-connected device on the UMFM website. You can tweet us your thoughts on the show, the topics, or your choices for 3 Rounds Deep at @TeebzHBIC! We want the interaction, though, and we'll put you and your thoughts on anything hockey-related on the air!

PODCAST: APRIL 24, 2014: Episode 85

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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