Sunday, 13 April 2014

Playoffs, Baby!

Oh, Flyers fans. I hate the Flyers and their fans, but I love them for their witty interaction and die-hard love of their team. They still love their Broad Street Bullies, but they welcome a new breed if they play the game in the same vein as their beloved Stanley Cup-winning teams did. In short, the Flyers' faithful are ravenous, even rabid, come playoff time, and if they can't have the Stanley Cup, they'll take the blood of their opponents.

If you remember back a couple of weeks, there was chatter on HBIC about a great actor and friend of the blog named Dan Franko. Dan, a Washington Capitals fan, was learning to love the Flyers thanks to the work he was doing on a project. Well, that project is finished, and HBIC is proud to post this new piece by Chris Perillo featuring the great Dan Franko entitled Playoffs, Baby!

Pretty decent little film, right? Honestly, it's pretty funny to me simply because this is the kind of insanity that one has come to expect from Philadelphia fans. I mean, who tries to knock out their teeth to resemble Bobby Clarke? No one from any city other than Philly.

Of course, this entire video is poking fun at the Flyers and their fans, so please don't take this at face value. Chris is having a little fun with this video, and the guys in it aren't doing anything but being satirical about the craziness seen from Flyers fans. I'm a fan of the video, and I hope they'll do another!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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