Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What You're Playing For

This is what everyone in the HBIC Playoff Pool has been anticipating. The swag bags that have gone out before have included a pile of good stuff, and at least one of the jerseys given away has appeared in an online short. Basically, I try to reward those who have played all the rounds and who regularly stop by this blog with something pretty awesome. Hopefully, this year's prizes will live up to the standards set by the previous incarnations of the HBIC Playoff Pool.

I want to start off by thanking a few people who cut me a deal and/or donated some items to make this year's haul a little better. Needless to say, I am indebted to these individuals for their generosity, so I want to make sure they get the recognition due to them. Help them if you can by purchasing their products. More than anything, help them out by recommending their wares to your friends, family, and colleagues. Ok? Ok.

Mark Penxa came through with a couple of awesome t-shirts for the prizes. Mark has his own website where one can discover all the awesome artwork he produces, and his paintings are second-to-none. The man is a genius in blending sports and art. He's also developed a couple of t-shirts, and I'm happy to offer his Arts & Athletics t-shirts in the draws. Thank you, Mark! Please visit his site and check out his work. Awesome stuff!

The boys at the Pond Hockey Brewing Company decided to toss a couple of Puck Off! bottle openers my way to include in the HBIC Prize Pool! These bottle openers work realty well, and I've been using my test opener for some time now. I've even received some comments from guests who wanted to know where I got it as we watch hockey on TV. Do yourself a favor and pick up a Puck Off! bottle opener! Thank you, Keith and Kyle Jordan! One of the best products HBIC has ever reviewed!

I'm hoping I receive a couple of final pieces from Rob Ullman, but there have been some issues with sending the art through the mail. Rob is working on rectifying this problem, so if these pieces are received before the end of the Stanley Cup Final, I'll toss them in with a couple of the prizes. Cool? Cool. Thank you, Rob, for all your amazing artwork and your love of the game! If you want to pick up some of Rob's work, check this site. If you want to see his online repository of work, hit this site up. Fantastic stuff on both sites!

Alright, let's get to the main course of this prize feast. There are ten prizes. There is one grand prize, but the winner can choose from any of the ten prizes he or she desires. Whatever is left will move on, and second-place in the HBIC Playoff Pool will choose from those nine prizes. This will continue until no prizes are remaining. It's a fairly easy process, so let's check out what HBIC has available for this year's loot!
  • GRAND PRIZE: a Winnipeg Jets retro jersey (XXL), a Winnipeg Jets ball cap (M/L flex-fit), and a Puck Off! bottle opener.
  • The Madhouse: a Chicago Blackhawks hoodie (XL), an Arts & Athletics t-shirt (XL), and a Puck Off! bottle opener.
  • Saucy Senator: an Ottawa Senators zip-up hoodie (XXL) and a Sauce Hockey ball cap (M/L flex-fit).
  • Welcome Back: a Winnipeg Jets t-shirt (XL) and a Winnipeg Jets ball cap (M/L flex-fit).
  • National Pride: a Duncan Keith Team Canada jersey t-shirt (XL) and an Arts & Athletics t-shirt (XL).
  • Sauce Hockey: a Sauce Hockey t-shirt (XL) and a Sauce Hockey ball cap (M/L flex-fit).
  • Blue Sauce: a Sauce Hockey t-shirt (XL) and a Sauce Hockey ball cap (M/L flex-fit).
  • Black Sauce: a Sauce Hockey t-shirt (XL) and a Sauce Hockey ball cap (M/L flex-fit).
  • Leaf Me Alone: an "I Love the Leafs" t-shirt (XL) and the Diary of a Dynasty book written by Kevin Shea.
  • Former Champs: a Montreal Canadiens long-sleeved t-shirt (XXL) and a Calgary Flames t-shirt (XXL).
So there you have it, kids. Lots of stuff to play for if you finish in the top-ten of the HBIC Playoff Pool. Get your picks in by tomorrow night's puck drop! There's still a chance for the vast majority of entrants to get a top-ten finish!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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