Monday, 9 June 2014

You Want 'Em?

I've been pining to see the IceCaps on TV this season, and it appeared that all was lost when no Canadian networks in my neck of the woods stepped forward with an announcement. I don't mind listening to the games on radio or webcast, but hockey is a visual game as well. I was ready to get comfortable with my AM radio, but a wondrous thing happened as I was preparing for so audio enjoyment.

According to an announcement from Shaw Cable, "Latest update: Availability for Game 3 has been added for customers in Manitoba and other areas outside of Ontario. Games 3-7 will be available on PPV Channel 303 in those areas."

My reaction?
I am pumped for this news! I have only seen the IceCaps play a couple of times on TV since the Jets returned, so naturally I was fist-pumping at the news that the final five games - if necessary - of the Calder Cup Final would be available in my viewing area! I happen to be a fan of the AHL game, so let's get this Calder Cup rolling on the old TV screen!

The schedule for the final five games are as follows:
  • Game #3: Wed. June 11 @ STJ - 6:00pm (EST)
  • Game #4: Mon. June 16 @ STJ - 6:00pm (EST)
  • Game #5: Tues. Jun. 17 @ STJ - 6:00pm (EST)*
  • Game #6: Thurs. June 19 @ TEX - 8:30pm (EST)*
  • Game #7: Mon. June 23 @ TEX - 8:30pm (EST)*
The pay-per-view channel will only be available at these times for these games. Any other broadcast on that channel will be subject to pay-per-view pricing and times, so don't go looking for any other freebies while the Calder Cup is on.

Regardless of that news, I am pumped to watch the Calder Cup Final for free! Kudos to the great people at Shaw Cable for putting this on and allowing Jets fans to watch the future Jets battle for the AHL's biggest prize! You know where I'll be Saturday night at 5pm CT!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


PK said...

Wow! Can't believe that it is that hard to see the Calder Cup in Canada. We got it here in the States yesterday (game 1) on NHL network...which shows maybe 8-10 AHL games a year (many teams don't even have local TV more than a handful of times; i.e. Albany, Hartford, Bridgeport).

You'd think that hockey-mad Winnipeg would at least put their affiliate on NHL or CBC...(PPV? That's scary...really hope that never happens here...) that a normal practice? NHL PPV? I may be spoiled b/c of where I live (MSG network has NYR / NYI / NJD / plus NHL Network and NBC Sports so I have a hockey game at least 5 days a week)...why is Canadian TV so rigid w/sports (like the Canucks PPV, wouldn't it be better to have their own network like the Yankees (YES)?)

*Apologies for the long-winded comment*

-Let's go Ice Caps!! Make game 5 happen!! ;)


Teebz said...

It's technically not on PPV, but Shaw decided to use one of the PPV channels for the free broadcasts.

Alternately, we do get a ton of hockey broadcast here, but it's mostly NHL and international games. I'd love to see more AHL and NCAA personally. :o)

No apologies needed for the comment!