Wednesday, 25 March 2015

All Forms Of Media

Computer HopeI received a couple of phone calls that I missed tonight as I was working through some cool project stuff that I'm hoping will make UMFM a little more prominent in and around the University of Manitoba. I wasn't until my iPad notified me of a new tweet that I sprung into action. You see, CBC Radio was calling me once again, and that only means one thing: I will start my day on one station and finish it on another! I truly am becoming a radio guy!

Tomorrow morning around 7:30am, you'll be able to listen to me weigh in on the Jets and Canadiens who will battle at MTS Centre tomorrow night. There are big implications in this game as the Jets need to win after dropping a rather uninspired 5-2 decision in Vancouver last night. With Carey Price in town, goals may be hard to come by for the Jets, so they will need to play a solid defensive game to keep scorers like Max Pacioretty, Tomas Plekanec, and PK Subban from derailing the playoff dreams of the Jets.

You can hear me live at 7:30am on CBC Radio's online stream or over the airwaves at 89.3 MHz on the FM side of the dial. I'm excited for the opportunity to speak with host Marcy Markusa once more as we dive into the Jets' situation again!

NHL '94 Evolved From Madden

Everyone knows that EA Sports is pretty much the only name in video game sports that matters. There have been some excellent games that weren't made by EA Sports, but no video game company has had the number of best-selling sports titles that EA Sports has had. One franchise in particular, the NHL series of games, actually had a pretty amazing start and how it led to NHL '94 being made despite a few major obstacles being thrown in EA Sports' path.

Blake J. Harris wrote a rather incredible article highlighting how EA Sports came to be the powerhouse in sports video games over on, and it is worth every second of your time that it takes to read the article. Mr. Harris' work and detail in the article is simply amazing, and he really paints an excellent picture of the early struggles faced by EA Sports right through to designing NHL '94, the standard for all other sports game to follow.

They Do Things Differently

I joke here that Russia does things a little different and that they are occasionally a little backwards in their thinking. Apparently, they also do things a little upside-down as there was a rather interesting tournament played near Temirtau village in the Kemerovo region of Siberia.
So those are players playing upside-down underwater with their feet on the ice! I can't imagine how difficult this tournament would be, but it appeared that the players were doing their best to move the puck. How cool is this version of the game, though? Gives a whole new meaning to "keep your sticks on the ice"!

So there's radio, TV, and print in terms of the different forms of media covered here on HBIC. Tune in tomorrow with CBC Radio and Marcy Markusa as she and I sit down and talk about the Jets and Habs in tomorrow night's clash at MTS Centre!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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